Trans rights do not restrict academic freedom

The Sunday times on the 16/6/19 ran articles discussing the link between the charity Stonewall and the UK universities. The article and letter specifically criticise the advice the UK universities and their academics have received from Stonewall on implementing policies, guideline documents and transgender awareness training. Stonewall as a charity works across all sectors. Thirty academics who co-signed the letter to the editor of The Sunday Times claim that it stifles their academic freedom. They imply that this is an opinion held by “top academics” in the UK. We write in opposition to this view, and we include many professionals working in higher education and research institutions in the UK and Ireland, to register our support for the inclusion and safety of all staff and students.

Initially, the article aims to assert their academic freedom by stating that the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme and charities such as Gendered Intelligence would impinge on their academic freedom to publish and teach any material that would be considered transphobic. Their letter does not engage with the idea that we, as academics in higher education employed by publicly-funded organisations, have a duty of care upon to our students and staff members. Inclusivity and valuing diversity is the foundation which sustains our excellence in higher education and reputation for world-leading research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) as well as the Arts and Humanities. Diversity which we strive to protect and support extends well beyond gender identity and include race, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic class and age. Stonewall urges academics to respect the gender identity and pronouns of choice of transgender and gender-diverse students; it is not a breach of our academic freedom. In our institutions, we recognise that choosing to deliberately misgender people or exclude them from safe spaces based on their gender and/or sexual identities are acts of blatant discrimination and hate.

The next suggestion is that Stonewall are controlling “free speech” and forcing universities to no-platform speakers who deny trans people the right to identify with the gender they choose. The advice provided by Stonewall is a contextualisation of the Equalities act, and any speaker invited to a Higher Education Institution should adhere to current UK legislation in all its forms whilst speaking. Awareness training and strong and clear policies of damaging aspects of speech are what ensure the safety of the diverse students and members of staff in universities. These are the prime enablers of equality and inclusion principles which we strive to uphold. Stonewall’s advice to review the nature of the material taught is intended to identify hate speech and to uphold the safety of transgender students and staff in the same way that we protect all our students and colleagues from racist or homophobic rhetoric.

We sign this statement because we support the rights of colleagues to free speech, and safe debate for all academics without fear or intimidation. We support Stonewall Diversity Champions programme as one of many initiatives which provide a crucial framework for supporting inclusivity and safety to LGBTQI+ people within our universities and research institutes. This diversity is what makes the UK academic community among the best in the world. Trans and gender-diverse people are welcome in our universities without exception and will be respected for who they are.


  1. Dr Izzy Jayasinghe (she/her), University of Leeds
  2. Dr Sam Giles (she/her), University of Birmingham and University of Oxford
  3. Dr Michael Sulu (he/him), University College London

The remaining 1897 signatories are added in alphabetical order by surname:

  1. Kristin Lian Aa, University of Bergen
  2. Professor Cathy Abbott (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  3. Dr A Abbott (Her/she), Macquarie University
  4. Joel W. Abdelmoez (He/him), University of Cambridge
  5. Dr Kerry Abrams (She/her), University of Sheffield
  6. Dr. Lauren Ackerman, Newcastle University
  7. Ms J Adcott (She/her), University of Liverpool
  8. Mrs Freya I Addison (Female), University of Leeds
  9. Dr Caspar Addyman, Goldsmiths, University of London
  10. Mark Adedeji, University of Oxford
  11. Dr Natalie Lazar Adler (She/Her), University of Leicester
  12. Ms M Agapiou (She/her), University of Leeds
  13. James N Agar (He/him/his), UCL
  14. Linda Ahall (She/her), Keele University
  15. Dr Gemma Ahearne, Liverpool John Moores University
  16. Dr Saher Ahmed (She/her)
  17. Dr Ifty Ahmed (he/him), University of Nottingham
  18. Professor Sara Ahmed, Independent Scholar
  19. Nick Aim (He/him/his), UCL
  20. Dr Tim Aistrope , University of Kent
  21. Sami Al-Izzi (He/him), University of Warwick
  22. Sheila Ali (she/her), KCL
  23. Dr Benedict Allbrooke (he/him), University of Sussex
  24. Dr. Kathryn Allen (she/her), Millersville University
  25. K Altabet (They/Them/Theirs), North Carolina State University
  26. Lizzy Ambler (Ms), Griffith University, Australia
  27. Teresa Ambrosio (She/her), University of Nottingham
  28. Dr Fran Amery (She/her), University of Bath
  29. Miss O C Amobi (She/Her), University of Manchester
  30. Kelsey Anbuhl (She/her), New York University
  31. Dr Susan L. Anderson (She/her), Sheffield Hallam
  32. Dr Fiona Anderson (she, her), Newcastle University
  33. Marion Anderson (she/they), Monash University
  34. Dr J A M Andrew (She/her)
  35. Penny Andrews (they/them), University of Sheffield
  36. Dr. G D M Andrews (He), West Virginia University
  37. Martin Ankor, Uni of Adelaide
  38. Dr Y. Gavriel Ansara (He/him/his), Ansara Psychotherapy
  39. Dr Claudia Antolini (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  40. Alejandra Aranceta (She/her), University of Strathclyde
  41. Catherine Arden (she), Newcastle University
  42. John Armstrong (He/they), University of Glasgow
  43. Emily May Armstrong (They/them), University of Glasgow
  44. Nigel Armstrong (He, him), Software developer
  45. Eleanor Armstrong (She), University College London
  46. Dr Chris Armstrong (He/him), University of Hull
  47. Dr Agnes Arnold-Forster (She/her), University of Roehampton
  48. Deanna Arsala (she/her/hers), University of Illinois at Chicago
  49. Dr Christopher Arthur (He), University of Bristol
  50. Dr. Furaha Asani (She/Her), University of Leicester
  51. Niki Ashby (She/her), Brunel University
  52. Dr. Brandon K. Ashinoff (He/Him), Columbia University
  53. Dr Natalie Ashton (She/her), University of Stirling
  54. Marianne Aspbury (She/her), University
  55. Dr L Asquith (She / her / hers), University of Sussex
  56. Virginie Assal (she/they), University of Manchester Students' Union
  57. Dr Duncan Astle (He/His), University of Cambridge
  58. Dr Carol Atack (She/her), University of Oxford
  59. Kamolphat Atsawawaranunt (Mr), University of Reading
  60. Prof. M Attallah (He), University of Birmingham
  61. Jake Atterby (He/Him//They/Them), University Of Manchester/Birmingham
  62. Paul Attinello (he), Newcastle University
  63. Dr Grietje Baars (They/them), City, University of London
  64. Frane Babarovic (he/him), University of Sheffield
  65. Serapio Baca, UC Anschutz Medical Center
  66. Agnes Bacon (she, her, hers), University of Exeter
  67. Dr Marcus Badger (He/him), The Open University
  68. Dr Paul A.J. Bagot (He/him), University of Oxford
  69. Dr Ian Bailey (He, him, his), University
  70. Mr Sam Bailey (He/him), University of Durham
  71. Katie Nicoll Baines (she/her), Evidence Base, University of Edinburgh
  72. Alec Baines (He/Him), University of South Florida
  73. N Bajwa (She/they), University of Sussex
  74. Aidan Baker (He/him), University of Cambridge
  75. Dr Saskia Bakker (she/her), University of Warwick
  76. Dr Elizabeth Ballou (she/her), University of Birmingham
  77. Chris Banks (She/her), University
  78. Dr Michele Bannister, Queen's University Belfast
  79. Dr Clara Barker (She/her), Oxford University
  80. Dr Meg-John Barker (they), The Open University
  81. Dr Megan Barker (She/her), Columbia University
  82. Jessica Barnett (She/her), National Park Service
  83. Dr Emma R Barney (She/her), University of Nottingham
  84. Dr. Scott Barolo (He/him), University of Michigan
  85. Prof. P M Barrett (He/Him), Natural History Museum
  86. Dr K E Barrett (She/her), University
  87. Dr J K Barstow (She/her), University College London
  88. Giulia Barsuola (They/Them), MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge
  89. Mr O J M Bartley (Mr), Cardiff University
  90. Dr C Barton (He), European Bioinformatics Institute
  91. Katy Bascombe (She), University of York
  92. Dr Victoria M Basham (Her, hers, she), Cardiff University
  93. Dr Tina Bass, Coventry University
  94. Mr Jean Bastrilles (He/Him), University of Manchester
  95. Dr Chimene Bateman (she/her), Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
  96. Dr Jenifer Baxter (She/her), Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  97. Abi Bayes (She), NHS
  98. Rachael Baylis (she/her), University of Birmingham
  99. Dr. Dawn Bazely (she/her), York University, Toronto, Canada
  100. Charlotte Beaney
  101. Dr. Flavien Beaud (He/His/Him), Caltech
  102. Dr Christine M Beavers (She/her/hers), Diamond Light Source
  103. Mr Sam Bee (Mr), Full time education
  104. Kate Beeby (She/her), Francid Crick Institute
  105. Kate Beeby (She/Her), Francis Crick Institute
  106. Dr Kylie Belchamber (She/her), Imperial College London
  107. Dr. Brian J. Beliveau (He/him/his), University of Washington
  108. Dr. Geoffrey Belknap (He/him), Science Museum Group
  109. Dr Richard Bell (he/him), Keble College, Oxford
  110. Mark Bendalll (Him, He, His), Newcastle University
  111. Dr Gemma Benevento (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  112. Dr. Blas M. Benito, University of Bergen, Norway
  113. Daniel Bennett (he/him), Princeton University
  114. Michael Bentley (He/him), University
  115. Dr Helen Berents
  116. Dr. Juani Bermejo-Vega (She/her), Free University of Berlin
  117. Sarah Bernstein (she/her), University of Sheffield
  118. Dr Dominic Berry (He/him), LSE
  119. Professor Christopher Bertram (He/him), University of Bristol
  120. Dr Nicholas Beuret, University of Essex
  121. Mark Bevan, Coventry University
  122. Ms J Biard (She/her), Cambridge Student
  123. Jonathan Bilton, Keele University
  124. Kevin Bird (He/Him/His), Michigan State University
  125. Miss Isabel Birds (She/her), PhD student, University of Leeds
  126. Claire Birkenshaw (she/her), Leeds Beckett University
  127. Dr J Bischof (She/they), Tufts University
  128. Dr Elizabeth Black (she/her), King's College London
  129. Mr K J Blacker, University of Leicester
  130. Mr Jacob Blackmore (He/Him), Durham University
  131. Lauren Blackwood (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  132. Mx Elizabeth Blake (They), Mxer
  133. Dr Dimitra Blana (She / Her), Keele University
  134. Dr Mary Blanchard (she/her), University of Birmingham
  135. Alison Bloomfield (Her/She), Wrexham Glyndwr University
  136. Ms Casey Blundell (She, her, Ms), University PhD Candidate
  137. Dr Alison Blyth (She/her)
  138. Hannah Blyth (She/her), University of Nottingham
  139. Dr Rosy Boardman (Dr), University of Manchester
  140. Dr Kathryn Boast (she/her), University of Oxford
  141. Dr Rich Boden (He/Him), University of Plymouth
  142. Dr. Ryan M. Bodenstein, SCK•CEN
  143. Dr Wendy Bohon (She/her/hers), 500 Women Scientists
  144. Dr. Tisha Bohr (She/her), Cornell University
  145. Ioana Boian (she/her), Trinity College Dublin
  146. Dr Jessica Louise Boland (She/her), University of Manchester
  147. Dr Clare Bond (She/her), University of Aberdeen
  148. Dr Sebastian Bonilla, Materials, Oxford
  149. Mr T J Boocock (He/Him), University of St Andrews
  150. Juliane Borchert (she/her), University of Oxford
  151. Hannah Boschen (She/her/hers), University of Oxford
  152. Dr Rebecca Boston (She/her), University of Sheffield
  153. Mx Riley Botelle (he/they), King's College London
  154. Dr Pieter Bots (He/him), Strathclyde
  155. A Botsis (He), University of Birmingham
  156. Bella Boulderstone (She/her/hers), University of Southampton
  157. Dr Sarion Bowers (She/her), Wellcome Sanger Institute
  158. Dr. Helen Bowes-Catton (She/her/hers), The Open University
  159. Simon Bowie (he/him), SOAS, University of London
  160. Melanie Bowles (She/Her), Keele University
  161. Sarah Bowman (Ms), Sydney University
  162. Dr. M Boyd (She/Her), Royal Holloway University of London
  163. Dr E Bracey (They), ETH, formerly UCL
  164. Dr S J Bradley (he/him), Imperial College, London
  165. Dr Lucy Bradnock (she/her), University of Nottingham
  166. Prof Leo Brady, University of Bristol
  167. Mr Philip Brailey-Jones (He/him), University of York
  168. Dr Anna Bramwell-Dicks (She/her/hers), University of York
  169. Dr. Helen Brand (She/her), Australian Synchrotron
  170. Dr Nic Brayshaw (He/ Him), Kardinia Health, & Deakin University
  171. Dr Martin Brazeau (he/him), Imperial College London
  172. Gwen Brekelmans (she/her), UCL
  173. Dr Ceri Brenner (she/her), UK Research and Innovation
  174. Hope Bretscher (She/Her/Hers), The Cavendish, University of Cambridge
  175. Mr Luke Brewer (Him/ he), University, Brasenose College
  176. Ms Lelanie Brewer (Her/she), Sensory Integration Education
  177. Professor Jo Brewis (She/ her/ hers), The Open University
  178. Dr L Brierley, Coventry University
  179. Mr K M Brierley (He), University of Manchester
  180. Dr Richard Briggs
  181. Dr Jen Bright, University of South Florida
  182. Dr Liam Kofi Bright (He/him)
  183. Dr Frances Brill (she/her), UCL
  184. Dr Ben Britton (He/him), Imperial College London and Trustee of Pride in STEM
  185. Dr. N Brocklehurst (He), University of Oxford
  186. Mr Robert Brocklehurst (He/him), University of Manchester
  187. Dr Alex Brogan, King's College London
  188. Dr Peter Brommer (he/his/him), University of Warwick
  189. Dr. Allison Bronson (she/her), Humboldt State University
  190. Dr Orian Brook (She/Her), University of Edinburgh
  191. Prof V Castan Broto (she/her), University of Sheffield
  192. Mr Xander Brouwer (He/him), Newcastle University
  193. Sara Brouwer (She / her), UCL
  194. Mr Ayden Brouwers (He/him/they/them), University of Manchester Trans Campaign
  195. Dr. Harriet Brown (She/Her), UKRI STFC
  196. Michael Brown (he), Kanda University
  197. Barney Brown, University of Cambridge
  198. Grace Brown (She/her), University of Oxford
  199. Mr Daniel Brownhill (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  200. Emma Brownlee (she/her), University of Cambridge
  201. Dr Laia Comas Bru (She/her), University of Reading
  202. Dr James Bruce (He/ him), Open University
  203. Dr James Bruce (He / him), The Open University
  204. Luis Bruno (he/they), Computer Geek
  205. Binni Brynolf (They/them)
  206. Dr Alodie Bubeck (She/her), University of Leicester
  207. Lucy Budge (She/her), Durham University
  208. Dr Timothy Buescher (Male), University of Hull
  209. Dr L Bugeon, Imperial College London
  210. Dr. P Martinez Bulit (He/him), University of Glasgow
  211. Dr P Bull (he/him), Queen Mary University of London
  212. Jenny Bulstrode, University of Cambridge
  213. Dr Owen Burbidge (He/Him), Newcastle University
  214. Dr Jemima Burden (She/her), University College London
  215. Dr E R Burdfield-steel , University of Amsterdam
  216. Dr Amy Burge (She/her), University of Birmingham
  217. Dr P Burgoyne, University of Edinburgh
  218. Professor Anthony Burke (He/Him), University of New South Wales
  219. Jessica Burnett (She/her), Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
  220. Dr Helene Burningham (She/her), UCL
  221. Holly Burns (They/them/theirs), N/A
  222. J Burr (he/him), CERN, DESY (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron)
  223. Dr M E Busfield (She/Her), University of Aberystwyth
  224. Mr James M Butler (He/him), University of Plymouth
  225. Season Butler
  226. Grant Buttars (He/him), University of Edinburgh
  227. Dr D J Button (He/his), Natural History Museum
  228. Dr P. K. Byrne (He/him), North Carolina State University
  229. Ms Hannah Byrne (she/her), Uppsala University
  230. Mr K J C Byrne (He/him), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  231. Sakura Byrne (she/her), PhD Candidate, the Open University
  232. Michael Nolan, B.S. CBE (He, him, his), University of Notre Dame
  233. Alun R. COKER (He/Him), University College London
  234. Rocío Paola Caballero-Gill (she/her), George Mason University
  235. Dr Victoria Cabrera-Sharp (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  236. Dr Alix Cage (She/her), Keele University
  237. Dr Michelle Cain (She/her), University of Oxford
  238. Dr A B Cairns (He/Him), Imperial College London
  239. Dr T Callan (She/Her), University
  240. Rosa Campbell (she/her), University of St Andrews
  241. Lorna M. Campbell (She / Her)
  242. Professor Colin Campbell (he/him), University of Edinburgh
  243. Dr. Mixtli Campos-Pineda
  244. Mr Tristan Canfer (he/him), Science and Technology Facilities Council
  245. H Cansino (She/her), Newcastle University
  246. Dr. Lane Carasik (He/Him/His), Virginia Commonwealth University
  247. Dr Anthony Caravaggi (He/him), University of South Wales
  248. Dr Elisa Carboni, RAL space
  249. Dr. Ina Carli (She/her), IHEP Beijing
  250. Dr. Rebecca Carney (She/her), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Stockholm University
  251. Dr Alfredo Carpineti (he/him), Pride in STEM
  252. Lucas Carstensen (He/him/his), Boston University
  253. Laura Carter (she/her), University of Essex
  254. Dr A Carter (they/them), Iowa State University
  255. Daryn Carter (He/Him), CEO Bristol Pride
  256. Breanna Caruso (She/Her), Oregon Health & Science University
  257. Tessa Carver (she/her), University of Geneva
  258. Michael Cary (He/They), West Virginia University
  259. Elizabeth Case (She/her), Columbia University
  260. Dr Marco Castiello (He/him)
  261. Dr Rosalind Cavaghan (She/her), Formerly Glasgow Caledonian University
  262. Cornelia Cazey (she/her), Royal Microscopical Society
  263. Alessandro Ceccarelli (he/him), University of Cambridge
  264. Dr Natalia Cecire (she/her/hers), University of Sussex
  265. Dr Luna Centifanti (She/her), University of Liverpool
  266. Eli Chadwick (he/him), Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK Research and Innovation
  267. Ms Jessica Chadwick (She, her), Imperial College London
  268. Prof Peter Challenor (He/him), University of Exeter
  269. Joshua Chambers (He/him), University of Leeds
  270. Dr Clementine Chambon (She/her), Imperial College London
  271. Dr Rhian Chapman (she / her), Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  272. Dr E Cheatle (She her), University of Sheffield
  273. Dr Eileen Cheng, King's College London
  274. Dr Svetlana Chesnevskaya
  275. Ashley Chhibber (He / Him), Postgraduate Researcher, University of Nottingham
  276. Dr Anita Di Chiara (She/her), UCSD
  277. Dr. Domenico Chiarella, University
  278. Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza (He/Him), Imperial College London
  279. Dr Steve Chick (he/him), University of Surrey
  280. Dr N F Chilton (He/Him), University of Manchester
  281. Ioana Cerasella Chis (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  282. Dr Sorcha Ui Chonnachtaigh (she/her/they/their), Keele University
  283. Piyamas Choochalerm (She), University of Hertfordshire
  284. Dr Broderick D.V. Chow (He/His/Him), Brunel University London
  285. Dr Jamieson Christie, Loughborough University
  286. Sarah Christie (She/Her), Wellcome Trust
  287. Ashlee Christoffersen (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  288. Dr K A Christofidou (She/Her), University of Manchester
  289. Dr Colin Church (he/his), Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
  290. Cassandra Churchwell (She, Her), University of Sussex
  291. Dr Piotr Cieplak, University of Sussex
  292. Simon Clark (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  293. Anna Clark (She/Her), Heriot-Watt University
  294. Nicholas Clarke (He/him), University of Sheffield
  295. Dr E A Clarke (She/her), University of Manchester
  296. Dr Caroline Clason (She/her), University of Plymouth
  297. Tom Claxton (He/Him), Lancaster University
  298. Katherine Clayton (Her/she), Oxford university
  299. Dr Matthew Cliffe, University of Nottingham
  300. Dr. Chelsea Clifford (she/her/hers)
  301. Joshua Clothier (he/him | they/them), University of Melbourne
  302. Jayde Clowting (Miss), Bristol Light Haulage
  303. Chloe Coates (She/her), University of Oxford
  304. Dr Juliet Coates (She/her), University of Birmingham
  305. Dr R Coats (She/her), University of Liverpool
  306. Dr Kim M Cobb (She/hers), Georgia Tech
  307. Alex Cocker , Imperial College London
  308. Allister Cockeram (He/him), Liverpool John Moores University
  309. Dr M Coke (She/her), University of Manchester
  310. Ms. Noelle Colant (She/her), UCL
  311. Rachel Coldbreath (Will answer to any (I'm nonbinary).)
  312. Dr Lydia Cole (She), University of St Andrews
  313. Michael Coleman (He / Him), University of Manchester
  314. Dr Edmund Coleman-Fountain (He/Him), Northumbria University
  315. Professor Peter Coles (He/Him), National University of Ireland Maynooth
  316. Dr Stuart Coles (He / him), University of Warwick
  317. Dr Michelle Collins (She/her), University of Surrey
  318. Professor S P Collins, Diamond Light Source Ltd
  319. Dr Lucy Collinson (She/her), Francis Crick Institute
  320. H L Collis (she / her), University of Nottingham
  321. Dr Ben Colliver (He/Him), Birmingham City University
  322. Prof. P. Conde (she/her), IST/Lisbon, LIP
  323. Lissie Connors (she/her), American Physical Society
  324. Dr Steve Cook (he/him), Imperial College London
  325. Abigail Cook, University of Leeds
  326. Donna L Cook
  327. Michael Cooling (He/Him), University of York
  328. Dr Catriona Cooper (she / her), University of York & University of Cambridge
  329. Jack Cooper (He/him), University of Oxford
  330. Miss A R Cooper (she/her), University of York
  331. Dean Cooper-Cunningham (He/Him), University of Copenhagen
  332. Dr Bridget Copley (She/her), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
  333. Dr. Kristen Coppin (She, Her), University of Hertfordshire
  334. Dr T Cornford (He/him), The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
  335. Dr Dan Cornwell (They/them), King's College London
  336. Professor Serena Corr (She/her), University of Sheffield
  337. Miss Sarah Cosgriff (She/her), Institute of Physics
  338. Dr C J Cotter (He/His), Imperial College London
  339. Dr Pauline Couper (She/her), York St John University
  340. Professor Kevin Cowtan (he/him/his), University of York
  341. Dr Michael J Cox (He/Him), Imperial College London
  342. Dr Philip Cox (He/him), University of York
  343. Dr P R Coxon (He/him/his), University of Cambridge
  344. Lydia Coxon (she/her), University of Oxford
  345. Professor Jeremy Crampton (He/him), Newcastle University
  346. Dr Kristen Crandell (she/her), Bangor University
  347. Dr Charlotte Cree (She/her), University of Plymouth
  348. Dr L Cremonesi (She/Her), University College London
  349. Dr Michael Crichton (he/him), Heriot-Watt University
  350. Dr. Ben Criger
  351. Dr C R Crimston (She/her), University of Queensland
  352. Amy Criss (She), Syracuse University
  353. Dr Katharine Criswell (She/her), University of Cambridge
  354. Dr A K Croft (she/her), University of Nottingham
  355. Dr Melanie Crofts (She/her), University
  356. Marion Cromb (they), University of Glasgow
  357. G. Cronin (they/them), University of Cambridge
  358. Ryan Cronin (he/they), University of Cambridge
  359. Jennifer Crouch (She/they), University of Portsmouth
  360. Sheena Cruickshank (She/her), University of Manchester
  361. Dr A R Cuff (He/Him), Royal Veterinary College
  362. Declan Cumberlidge-Myford (he, him, they), University College London
  363. Dr Catriona Cunningham (She/her), University of Manchester
  364. Dr Anna Cupani (She/her), Imperial College London
  365. Tyrone Curtis (he/him), UCL
  366. Sanjana Curtis (She/her), North Carolina State University
  367. Dr Chris Cusack (He/him), HAN University of Applied Sciences
  368. Cesare Cuzzola (He/Him), University of Leicester
  369. I D'Atri (she/her), University of Exeter
  370. Rose DF (She/Her)
  371. Jacob Dahlkvist
  372. Megan Daigle (She/her), University of Birmingham
  373. Dr M C Dallaston (He/His), Coventry University
  374. Sebastian Daly, Ucl
  375. Anuradha Damale (she/her), UKSESDS
  376. Miss Meg Dampier (She/Her), University of Kent
  377. Mr Victor-Alexandru Darvariu (he/him), The Alan Turing Institute and University College London
  378. Manisit Das (He/him), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  379. Dr Louise Dash (she/her), University College London
  380. Ben Davenward (he/him/his), Keele University
  381. Dr D Davesne, University of Oxford
  382. Zoë Davidson (She/her), University of Strathclyde
  383. Matthew Davidson
  384. Dr Sarah Davies, Aberystwyth University
  385. Dr Kimberley Davies (She), University College Cork
  386. Gemma-Louise Davies (She/her), UCL
  387. Dr Jason Davies (He/him/they), UCL
  388. Dr Faith Davies (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  389. Prof Bill Davies (He, him), University of Salford
  390. Dr J P Davies (He/Him), University of Exeter
  391. Professor SJ Davies (she/her), University of Leicester
  392. Luke Kristopher Davis (He/His), UCL/LCN
  393. J L Davis (He/Him), Natural History Museum, London
  394. Liam Davis (He/Him), LLM Student
  395. Sarah Davis (She/her), University of Texas at Austin
  396. Dr Rebecca Davnall (She/Her), University of Liverpool
  397. Freddie Daw (He/him), RVC, Bristol Pride
  398. Prof. Sally Day (she/her), University
  399. Susie Day (She/her), University
  400. Dr Natt Day (She/Her), Queen Mary University of London
  401. Sophia DeGeorgia (she/her/hers), Washington University in St. Louis
  402. James DeLuca (He/him), Sheridan College
  403. Professor Shannon Dea (she/her, they/them), University of Waterloo, Canada
  404. Dr Christopher D Dean (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  405. Ms A Dean (She, Her,), Open University
  406. Dr Deane
  407. Dr Pierre-Philippe Dechant (he/his/him), York St John University
  408. Dr Dieter Declercq (He/Him/His), University of Kent
  409. Dr Hannah Dee (She/her), Aberystwyth University
  410. Dr Maria Deiana (Her), Queen's University
  411. Marc Deisenroth, Imperial College London
  412. Dr Rosemary Deller (She/her), LSE
  413. Mr Shaun Dempsey (He/Him/His), University of Bath
  414. Joseph Dempster (He/Him), UCL UNISON LGBT Members Officer
  415. Lisa Derry (She/her)
  416. A C Deshpande, UCL
  417. Dr P Dhopade (she/her), University of Oxford
  418. Dr. V. Diaz (she/her), UCL
  419. Oriol Gavalda Diaz, Imperial college London
  420. Dr J Diaz (he/him), La Salle University
  421. Dr. Javier Diaz-Nido (He/him), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  422. Edward Dibley (He/Him/His), Swansea University
  423. Norbert Dichter
  424. Lauren Ding (She/her)
  425. Johannes Tristan Dingendorf (He/Him), University Koblenz-Landau, Campus Koblenz
  426. Dr Simon J Dixon (They), University of Birmingham
  427. Bronwyn Dixon (she/her), University of Reading
  428. Scott Doak, Loughborough University
  429. Mx. James Montilla Doble (he/him, they/them), University of the Philippines Diliman
  430. Claire Dobson (She/her), Oxford University
  431. Dr Benedict Docherty (He/Him), University of Sheffield
  432. Dr Caterina Doglioni (She / her), Lund University
  433. Georgina Doji (She/Her), Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
  434. Abigail Dombey (She/her), University of Brighton
  435. Miss Emily Donald (She/her), Alumni of Plymouth University
  436. Gillian Donaldson-selby (She / Her / Milady), Research Institute
  437. Dr Claire Donovan, Brunel University London
  438. Erin Donovan (They/Them), East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
  439. Lesley Dougan (She her), Liverpool John Moores University
  440. Dr T A Douglas (He/Him), St. John Fisher College
  441. Dr Sasha Dovzhyk (She/her), Birkbeck
  442. Phill Dowler (He/Him/His), National Union of Students (National Executive Council & LGBT+ Committee)
  443. Dr Julia Downes (She/her), The Open University
  444. Dr H Drage (She), Oxford University Press
  445. Dr E R Draper (She/her), University of Glasgow
  446. Miss D L Drayton (She/her), University of Leeds
  447. Dr James Drewitt, University of Bristol
  448. Dr Mijke van der Drift, Goldsmiths, University of London
  449. Professor Bruce Drinkwater (He/Him), University of Bristol
  450. Kathryn Drumm (She/her), City, University of London
  451. Dr H Duffy (She/her), University of Warwick
  452. Dr P. Duggan (He/his), Uni of Surrey
  453. Dr Anna Duncan (she/her), University of Oxford
  454. Dr Alex Dunhill (He/him), University of Leeds
  455. Dr S L S Dunn (She/her), UCL
  456. Emma Dunne (she/her), University of Birmingham
  457. Arthur Dyer (He/him), University of Oxford
  458. Dr R J Dyson (She/her), University of Birmingham
  459. Dr Karen Dyson (She/Her), Research & Design for Integrated Ecology
  460. Dr M. Eaton (he/him), Cardiff University
  461. Dr Aimee Eckert (She/her), University of Sussex
  462. Dr E M Edmondson (He/him), University College London
  463. Dr Steve Edmondson, University of Manchester
  464. Dr Jen Edwards (she/her), University of Leeds
  465. Professor S J Eichhorn (His/He), University of Bristol
  466. Joshua F. Einsle (he/him), Imperial College London
  467. Elisabet Ekstrand, University of Gothenburg
  468. Dr J.J. Eldridge (them/they/she/her), University of Auckland
  469. Dr Y Eley, University of Birmingham
  470. Lucy Elkerton (She/Her), University of Bristol
  471. Dr Elizabeth Elliott (She/her), University of Aberdeen
  472. Meretta Elliott (She/her), Brunel University
  473. Dr Simon Ellis (he/him), Coventry University
  474. Daniel Ellis (He), University
  475. Clara Emily (She/Her/Hers), University of Colorado
  476. Dr A L Emtage (She/her), University of Nottingham Malaysia
  477. Brandon Enalls (He/Him/His), Harvard University
  478. Steering Committee: Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering (n/a), Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering
  479. Yasmeen Erritouni (They/Them)
  480. Dr E Erskine (they/them), James Hutton Institute
  481. Ben Esse (Him), The University of Manchester
  482. Dr Tanya Evans (She, her), University of Auckland
  483. Karen Evans, University of Liverpool
  484. Dr Siân Evans (She/her), University of Leeds
  485. Dr Rachel Evans (she/her), University of Cambridge
  486. Dr Emily Evans (She/ Her), University of Birmingham
  487. Dr James P Ewen (Him/his), Imperial College London
  488. Dr A M Ewing (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  489. Mr M Eyres (He/him), Oxford university
  490. Dr Stewart Eyres (He/him), University of South Wales
  491. Dr Robert Fagan (He/him), University of Sheffield
  492. Dr David Fairen-Jimenez , University of Cambridge
  493. Dr Nadimul Faisal , Robert Gordon University
  494. Dr Katherine Fallah, University of Technology Sydney
  495. Barbara Fantechi (she/her), Sissa, Trieste, Italy
  496. Professor Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria (She/her), University College London
  497. Dr Robert Farley (He/him), Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
  498. Dr J I Farquharson (He/him), University of Miami
  499. Dr Susan M Farrington (She/Her), Edinburgh University
  500. Ashley Farris (She/hers), Johns Hopkins University
  501. Dr Alex J H Fedorec, University College London
  502. Dr K L Feilich (She/her), U. Michigan
  503. Dr. R N Felice (He/him), University College London
  504. Dr Sara M Camacho Felix (She/Her), London School of Economics & Political Science
  505. Dr Isabel Fenton (she/her), University of Oxford
  506. KB Ferguson (She/her)
  507. Dr Candidate Omar R Regalado Fernandez (He/Him), University College London
  508. Ben Fernando
  509. Dr M Fernbach (She/her), Sound Psychology Ballarat
  510. Julia Fernández-Pérez (she/her), University
  511. Dr Rebecca Ferrari (She/her), University of Nottingham
  512. Dr Natalie Fey (She/Her), University of Bristol
  513. Dr S Fielding (She/her), University of Southampton
  514. Samantha Finnigan (she/her/they/them), Newcastle University
  515. Kate Fisher (She/her), University of Exeter
  516. Dr Jodie Fisher (She/her), University of Plymouth
  517. Dr Stewart Fishwick (he / him / his), University of Leicester
  518. Dr Meriel FitzPatrick (She/her/hers), University of Plymouth
  519. Matilda Fitzmaurice (She/her), Durham University
  520. Dr Catherine Fitzpatrick (She/her), Rutgers University
  521. Dr. Ann Fitzpatrick (she/her), Diamond Light Source
  522. Alex Fitzpatrick (She/Her), University of Bradford
  523. Leah Fitzpatrick (She/Her), Imperial College London
  524. Angus Fitzpayne, University of Melbourne
  525. Dr Joanne Flanagan (She/her), UKAEA
  526. Charlotte Fletcher, University of Warwick
  527. Dr Dawn Fletcher (She/her), University of Sheffield
  528. Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson (She / her), University of Edinburgh
  529. Dr. Johnathan Charles Flowers (he/him/his), Worcester State University
  530. Alexander Foden (He/his), Imperial college
  531. Dr João Fonseca (he/him), University of Manchester
  532. Dr. Heather Ford (she/her), Queen Mary University of London
  533. D Foren (he/him), Michigan State University
  534. Jani Forest-Wyatt (She), Brilliance Counselling and Consultancy
  535. Dr Ross Forgan, University of Glasgow
  536. Dr Ross G. Forman (he/him/his), University of Warwick
  537. Meghan Formel
  538. Oliver Forrest (He/Him), The Alan Turing Institute
  539. Dr Sofia Kirke Forslund (She/her), Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
  540. Dr Sophie Forster (she), University of Sussex
  541. Dr Joe Forth (He / Him), University College London
  542. Jennifer Foster (she/her), University of Southern California
  543. Meg Foster (She/Her/Hers), University of Hawaii
  544. Dr M S Fowler (He/him), Swansea University
  545. Ms E Fox (She/her), Open University
  546. Jackie Fox (She/Her)
  547. Jo Fox (She/Her), Calderside Academy
  548. Dr Kate Fox (She/Her), University of Leeds
  549. Dr. Katy Fox-Hodess, University of Sheffield
  550. Ingrid Francis (They/Them), Manchester University
  551. Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, University of Essex
  552. Dr. Johanna Franklin (she/her), Hofstra University
  553. Dr C Fraser (She/her), Institute
  554. Daniela Fonseca de Freitas (She), King's College London
  555. Martin French (He/Him), Academic
  556. Dr M Friedman (he/him/his), University of Michigan
  557. Rev. Elizabeth Friedman (She/Her/Hers), Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Michigan
  558. Dr Mattia Frontini (him/his), University of Cambridge
  559. Dr C E Fry (she/her), Los Alamos National Laboratory
  560. Professor Elaine Fulton (she/her), University of Birmingham
  561. Gareth J Funning (He/him), University of California, Riverside
  562. Dr Carole Fureix (she/her), University of Plymouth
  563. Ms Kate Furnell (She/her), Astrophysics Research Institute, LJMU
  564. Dr David Gaboriau
  565. Dr Elisabeth Gallant (She/Her), University of South Florida
  566. Dr Dominic Galliano (he / his), UCL
  567. Dr Charlotte Galpin (She/her), University of Birmingham
  568. Dr Sarah Gandee (She/her), University of Leeds
  569. Rosa Gane (She/Her), University of Manchester
  570. Dr Ben Garlick (He/him), York St John University
  571. Dr K L Garner (she/her), University of Bristol
  572. Mrs T Garratt (She/her)
  573. Dr Natalie Laura Garrett (She/her), Met Office
  574. Hannah Garrett (she/her), The University of Manchester
  575. Russell Garwood (He/him), University of Manchester
  576. Dr S H Garwood (She/her), University of Sheffield
  577. Nicola Gaston (She/Her), The University of Auckland
  578. C A Gater, Sanger Institute
  579. Dr. Chiara Gattinoni (She/her), ETH Zurich
  580. Dr Baptiste Gault (he/him), Imperial College London
  581. Dr Honor Gavin (They/them), University of Manchester
  582. Jacqui Gavin (She Her)
  583. Dr Dion Georgiou (He/Him), University of Chichester
  584. Dr Omiros Georgiou, University of Manchester
  585. Mr. Landon J Getz (He/Him), Dalhousie University
  586. Dr Els Van Geyte (she/her), University of Birmingham
  587. Dr Saptarsi Ghosh (He/him), University of Cambridge
  588. Dr. Olympia Gianfrancesco (she/they), University of Edinburgh
  589. Dr Hazel Gibson (She/Her), University of Plymouth
  590. Scott Gibson, King's College London
  591. Dr Elizabeth Gibson , Newcastle University
  592. Dr Jess Gifkins (she/her), University of Manchester
  593. Madeleine Gilbert (She/her or they), University of Leeds
  594. Ms. N Gildert (She/her), University of York
  595. Dr O Giles (He/Him), The Alan Turing Institute
  596. Hayley Giles
  597. Dr Chloe Gilgan, University
  598. Dr. Jacquelyn Gill (she/her/hers), University of Maine
  599. Dr Amy Gillespie (she), University of Oxford
  600. Dr Dan Gillis (He/him/his), University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  601. Dr Jonathan Gilmore (He/Him), University of Manchester
  602. Dr Imogen L Gingell (She/Her), Imperial College London
  603. Joseph Girdwood (Mr), University of Hertfordshire
  604. Mr W Glass
  605. Dr Evan Hayles Gledhill (they/them), University of Reading
  606. F Gleed (She/her), OU
  607. Tuesday Goacher (She/her), Nottingham Trent University
  608. Dave Goddin (He/him), Keele University
  609. Dr Catherine Goetze
  610. Dr. Steven Goldfarb, University of Melbourne
  611. Dr Caroline Gonda (She/her/hers), St Catharine's College, Cambridge
  612. Jaime Vargas Gonzalez (He/His/Him), Centre for Astrophysics Research, University of Hertfordshire
  613. Leonor Gonçalves (She/her), University College London
  614. Dr Bob Gooday (He/Him), Arran Geopark
  615. Dr Priyamvada Gopal (She), Cambridge University
  616. Dr Elena Gorfinkel , King's College London
  617. Andy Gormanly (he/his), UCL
  618. Dr Verena Gortz (she/her), Lancaster University
  619. Prof. Anjali Goswami (She/her), The Natural History Museum
  620. Dr Amy Gough, Royal Holloway, University of London
  621. Dr MOhamed Gouiza, University of Leeds
  622. Marta Grabowska (She/her), University of Plymouth
  623. Dr Jo Grady (She/her), University of Sheffield
  624. Dr Karen Graham (She/Her), University of Strathclyde
  625. Maria Granell-Moreno (She/her), Oxford University-NDORMS
  626. L G Grant (they/them), CenMEDIC
  627. Dr S D Grant (He/Him), Strathclyde University
  628. Dr Victor Gray (He/him), Uppsala University
  629. Gavin Gray, University of Edinburgh
  630. Mr S Graziosi (he/him/his), University College London
  631. Prof Jane Greaves (She,her), Cardiff University
  632. Holly Green (She/ Her), University of Strathclyde
  633. Mirren Green (She/her), University of Glasgow
  634. Dr Naomi Green (She/her), University of Birmingham
  635. Miss K Green (She/Her), University of Nottingham
  636. Dr Sarah E. Greene (She/her), University of Birmingham
  637. Professor Margaret Greenfields (She),
  638. Danny Gregory (He/Him), University of Birmingham / Nightline Association
  639. Dr Catherine Gregory (She/her), UTS
  640. Dr Eva Gregory (She
  641. Dr Adrian Gregory , Pembroke College, Oxford University
  642. James Gregory-Monk (He/him), University of Sheffield
  643. Dr Daniel Joe Griffin (He, him, his), The Met Office
  644. Peter Griffin (He/Him), University of Cambridge
  645. Stephen Griffiths (He Him His), Staffordshire University
  646. Dr Matthew Griffiths (He / Him), Nottingham Trent University
  647. Dori Grijseels (they/them), University of Sussex
  648. Dr. Silvia Grimaldi (She/her), London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
  649. Dr S Groh (They/He), UCL
  650. Dr Maud Grol
  651. Ellen Grunewald (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  652. Olivia Guest (She), UCL
  653. Dr A Gully (She/her), University of York
  654. Dr Jen Gupta (She/her), University of Portsmouth
  655. Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, Wellcome Sanger Institute
  656. Dr Onni Gust (they/them), University of Nottingham
  657. Seth Gustafson (he/his), University College London
  658. Dr Melissa Gustin (She/her), University of York, Visiting Researcher
  659. E. Mae Guthman (she/her/hers), University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
  660. Dr Blake Gutt (he/him), University of Michigan
  661. Mr Jeremy Guyer (he, his), University College London
  662. Dr C B Gwilliam, University of Liverpool
  663. Dr Toni Haastrup (She/Her), University of Kent
  664. Ms Yasmin Hafiz (She/Her), University of Leeds
  665. Dr. Jamie J. Hagen (She/her), London School of Economics and Politics
  666. Morgan Haldeman (She/her), University of Rhode Island
  667. Dr. Joseph Haley, Oklahoma State University
  668. Professor Ian R. Hall (he/him), Cardiff University
  669. Dr Anita Hall (She/Her), Imperial College London
  670. Dr Thomas Halliday (He/him), University
  671. A Halliday (Miss), Open Universirty
  672. Professor Ian Hamerton (He/Him), University of Bristol
  673. Michelle Hammerton (She/her), University of Amsterdam
  674. Dr Jessica Hammett (she/her), Birkbeck, University of London
  675. Dr Natalie Hammond (she/her), MMU
  676. Elizabeth Hampson (She/her), University of Cambridge
  677. Claire Hampton (She), University
  678. Ian Hands-Portman (they), University of Warwick
  679. Mrs Judith Hanley (She, her, hers), Solent University
  680. Dr Ryan Hanley, Oxford University
  681. Ms Emily Hanna (She/her)
  682. Briony Hannell (She/Hers), University of East Anglia
  683. Dr K A Hannula (She, her, hers), Fort Lewis College
  684. A F Hansen, University of Plymouth
  685. Prof. Martin Hardcastle (he / him), University of Hertfordshire
  686. Dr Achaz von Hardenberg (Hé/Him), University of Chester
  687. Dr E C Harding (He, His), Imperial College London
  688. Dr Mary Hardy (Her/She), University of Waterloo
  689. Dr Matt Hardy (He), University of Bradford
  690. Emily Harford (she/her), UKAEA - LGBT Staff Network Founder
  691. Dr Nikita Hari (Her/She), University of Oxford
  692. G M Harper, university of plymouth
  693. Dr Alan Harper (He/Him), Keele University
  694. Eleanor Harpum (She/ her), UCL
  695. Prof Lorna Harries (She/her), University of Exeter
  696. Dr Andrew Harris (He/him), University College London
  697. Amy Harris (she/her), University of Hertfordshire
  698. Matthew Harris (He/Him), Keele University
  699. Lauren Harrison (She/Her)
  700. Dr R J Harrison (He), University of Manchester
  701. Abby Harrison (She/they), UniMan/parent of trans kid/WiganTAGG committee
  702. Jordan Harrod (She/her), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  703. Dr T L Harte (She/her), University of Cambridge
  704. Dr. Andrea Hartzell (She/her), Scripps Research
  705. Nikita Harvey (She/her), Imperial College London
  706. Dr Suzanne Harvey (She/her), The Royal Institution
  707. Dr David Harvie (He/His), University of Leicester & Leicester UCU
  708. Dr Tom Hasell (He/him), University of Liverpool
  709. Dr. Richard W. Hass (He / his), Thomas Jefferson University
  710. Dr Karsten Haustein (He/his), University of Oxford
  711. Dr Chris Hawes (He/him), Keele University
  712. Avery Hawkins (They/Them), University of St Andrews
  713. Dr K J Haxton (She/her), Keele University
  714. Alex Hayes (he/his), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  715. Kate Hayes (She/her), Keele University
  716. Sean Hayes (he/him/his), The University of Manchester
  717. Dr Stuart Haylock (He/Him), Imperial College London
  718. Dr Cally J. E. Haynes (She/ her), University College London
  719. Robin Hayward (They), University of Stirling
  720. Associate Prof Dr Bronwyn Hayward ((She/her)), University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  721. Dr Colm Healy
  722. Dr T. Wong Hearing (He/His), Ghent University, Belgium
  723. Dr Siobhán Hearne (She/her), Durham University
  724. James Heinlein (They/Them), University of Pennsylvania
  725. Dr J Heller (He/him/his), University College London
  726. Emelie Helsen (She/her/hers), Imperial College Union
  727. Mr S Henderson (He/him)
  728. Alexandra Hendry (she/her), University of Oxford
  729. Dr Kate Hendry, University of Bristol
  730. Veronica Heney (she/her), University of Exeter
  731. Madison Henkelman (she/her), University of Pittsburgh student
  732. Dr Ricardo Henriques (He/Him), University College London
  733. Stephen Henthorn (he/him), University of Sheffield
  734. Eva Herbst (She), Royal Veterinary College
  735. Dr Moritz Herle, University College London
  736. Dr. Amy Herzog (She/her/hers), Queens College & The Graduate Center, CUNY
  737. John Hessburg (He/his), SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  738. Dr Kit Heyam (they/them or he/him), University of Plymouth
  739. Jim Hickey (he/him), Imperial College
  740. Hannah Hickman (She/her), University of Worcester
  741. Miss K Higginbottom (She/her), University of Bristol
  742. Max Hill (He / him), UCL
  743. Mx Jack Alexander Hill (They/he), President of the LGBTQ+ Society at the University of Northampton
  744. Dr. Jennifer J. Hill (She), JJ Hill Photography, Inc.
  745. Dr S R Hill (He/him), Massey University, New Zealand
  746. Dr J Hillman (she/her)
  747. Dr Eric J Hilton (he/him), VIMS/William and Mary
  748. Professor S Hines (She/her), University of Leeds
  749. Dr Alexander M. Hinz ((he/him)), University of Cambridge
  750. Mr Thomas M Hird (he/his), University of Oxford
  751. Dr. Alison Hixon, University of Colorado
  752. Ki Hng (Per/Pers), University College London
  753. Dr D B Hocken (He/him), Retired Academic
  754. Dr Sophie Hodgetts (She/her), Sunderland University
  755. Patricia Hodgson (She), Feminist
  756. Prof L Hodson (Her/she), University of Oxford
  757. Danielle Hoefele (She/They), Simon Fraser University
  758. Dr PB Holden, Open University
  759. Mr Ian Holdsworth (They/Them/Theirs), University of Leeds
  760. Mr Ian Holdsworth (They/Them/Theirs), York LGBT Forum
  761. Dr Naomi Holford (she), The Open University
  762. Dr M J Hollamby (He, him, his), Keele University
  763. Geoffry Holland, University of Technology Sydney
  764. Mr. Allan Hollinsworth (He/ him/ his), University of Glasgow
  765. Dr Joseph Razzell Hollis (he/him), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  766. C S Hollis (She/Her), Kaleidoscope (Uni of Bath Staff LGBTQ+ Network)
  767. Dr Joni Holmes (She/ her), University
  768. Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott (she/her), University of Southampton
  769. Dr Mark Holton, University of Plymouth
  770. Dr Rose Holyoak (She/her), University of Winchester
  771. Mr A J Homer (He/him), University of Oxford (DPhil student)
  772. Joshua Hompstead (He/Him), Anglia Ruskin University
  773. Dr S Hood (She/her), Imperial College London
  774. Dr. Dominique Hoogland (She/Her), King's College London
  775. Mr S Hopkins (he/his), University College London
  776. Dr Martin Horlitz (he/him), QIAGEN
  777. Miss Amber Loren Hornsby (She/her), Cardiff University
  778. PhD student Jo Hornsey (She/her), University of Sheffield
  779. Dr Clare Hoskins (She/Her), Keele University
  780. Sarah Houston (She/Her/Hers), University College London
  781. Dr Alice Howarth (She/her), University of Liverpool
  782. Dr Carmel Howe (she/her), Imperial College London
  783. Alison Howell (She/her), Rutgers University
  784. Dr Katharine Hubbard (she/her), University of Hull
  785. Dr Hubbard (She/her), University of Surrey
  786. Joe Hudson (He/Him), University of Surrey
  787. Alison Hughes (She/Her), University of Strathclyde
  788. Rae Hughes (she/her), Glasgow Caladonian University
  789. Alexandria Hughes (She, her), University of Colorado
  790. Jonathan Hume, University of Leeds
  791. Samuel Hume
  792. Mx Finn Humphris (They/them), University of Birmingham
  793. Miss Laura Hunt (She/her), University of Nottingham/British Geological Survey
  794. Prof A Hunt (he, him, his), University of York
  795. Dr Daniela Huppenkothen (she/her), University of Washington
  796. Dr Tanvir Hussain (He/Him), University of Nottingham
  797. Miss R Hussain , Keele university
  798. John Hutchinson (He), Royal Veterinary College
  799. Jay Hutchison (He/Him)
  800. Mr Matthew Hutton
  801. Marie Hutton (She/Her), University of Sussex
  802. Dr Ryan B Ickert (He
  803. Annabel Igoe (She/her), UNSW alumni
  804. Darren Incorvaia (he/him/his), Michigan State University
  805. Dr. Philip Inglesant (he/his/him), University of Oxford
  806. Dr Katherine Inglis (she / her), University of Edinburgh
  807. Katherine Irani (She/Her), Royal College of Art
  808. Shazeaa Ishmael (She/Her), University of Oxford
  809. Oz Ismail (he/ him), UCL
  810. Mr P Izquierdo, University College London
  811. Dr S Jabbari (She/her), University of Birmingham
  812. Professor Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson (He/him/his), Imperial College
  813. Dr C Jackson (She/Her), Imperial College London
  814. Dr Lucy Jackson (She/her), King's College London
  815. Dr. Samuel James Jackson (he/him), Imperial College London
  816. Edward Jackson (He/him), Imperial College London
  817. Dr Ima Jackson (She), Glasgow Caladonian University
  818. Kathryn Jackson-Jones (Her/she), Edinburgh university
  819. Dr. MC Jacobsen (She/ her), University of Regina, SK, Canada
  820. Dr Jens Jaeger (He), Forschungszentrum Jülich
  821. Dr Dan Jagger (him his), University College London
  822. Dr Louisa James (She/Her), Queen Mary University of London
  823. Mr H Jamson (He/Him), University of Leeds
  824. Margaret Janz (she/her), University of Pennsylvania
  825. Dr Joan Jarman (She/her), Kingston University
  826. John Jarman (He/him), University of Cambridge
  827. Professor Paul Jarman (He/Him), University of Manchester
  828. Akhila K Jayaram, Co-President, Cavendish Inspiring Womxn and PhD Student, University of Cambridge
  829. Mo Jazi (You/Him/Me/Her), Recent Graduate of St Cloud State University
  830. Julie Jebsen (She/her), University of Wolverhampton
  831. Mr Bill Jeffery (He/Him), University of Exeter
  832. Dr Bob Jeffery (Him, his, he), Sheffield Hallam University
  833. Holly Jenkins (she/her), Newcastle University
  834. S A Jenkins (She/Her), University
  835. Dr Rebecca Jennings , UCL
  836. Dr Helen Jermak (She/her), Liverpool John Moores University
  837. Dr Neil Peter Jerome (He/him)
  838. Rebecca Lamont Jiggens (She / her), Just Reasonable Ltd
  839. Dr Zerina Johanson, Natural History Museum
  840. Jaya John John (he/him), University of Oxford
  841. Dr. Sarah D. Johnson (She/hers/her), Simon Fraser University
  842. Mr B R Johnson (He/Him), University of Oxford
  843. Craig Johnson (He/Him), University of Manchester
  844. Dr Simon A. Johnston (He/Him), University of Sheffield
  845. Prof. Rich Johnston (He/him), Swansea University
  846. Mr S Johnston (He), University of Manchester
  847. Dr. Samuel A Johnstone (He / His)
  848. Dr Eleanor Jones (She/her), University of Southampton
  849. Kate Jones (She/her), University of Liverpool
  850. Liz Jones (She/Her), University College London
  851. Dr Rebecca L. Jones (she/her), The Open University
  852. Dr Rosemary A Jones (her), Adelaide Private Menopause Clinic
  853. Dr Emily Jones (She/her), University of Essex
  854. Dr Martin Jones (He/him), The Francis Crick Institute
  855. Ceri Jones (She/her), Charity - The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
  856. Miss M Jones (She/ her), University of Oxford
  857. Dr D C Jones (he/him), British Antarctic Survey
  858. Prof Viv Jones (She/her), UCL
  859. Sarah Jones (She/her), UCL/Birkbeck
  860. Professor Stuart Jones , University of Manchester
  861. Marli De Jongh (Her/she), University of Glasgow
  862. Dr Anna Judson (she/her), University of Cambridge
  863. Dr Liz Jury , University College London
  864. Dr H K, University of Bath
  865. JULIE KAYA (she/ her), Diamond Light Source
  866. Paula Kaanders (she/her), University of Oxford
  867. Dr M Kagen (She/her), Bangor University
  868. Dr Hyo Yoon Kang (she/her), Kent Law School, University of Kent
  869. Cllr Alexandrine Kantor (She/Her), Culham science Center for Fusion Energy
  870. Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan (She/her), University of Cambridge
  871. Therese Karlsson (She/her), Gothenburg university
  872. Stefanie Kaupa, King's College London
  873. Dr Matthew Kay (He/him), University of Michigan
  874. Dr T Kearey (She/ her), Magdalen College, University of Oxford
  875. Dr. Lydia Kearney (she/her), University of Kent
  876. Dr Natasha Keasberry
  877. Dr Ciara Keating (She/her), University
  878. Professor Joseph Keddie (He/him), University of Surrey
  879. Shaun Keegan (he/him), University of Liverpool
  880. Dr Olivia Keenan (She/her), SEPnet
  881. Benjamin A Keisling (he/him/his), University of Massachusetts Amherst
  882. Luke Kelly (He/ Him), National University of Ireland, Galway
  883. Dr. Tyler Kelly, University of Birmingham
  884. Dr Elaine Kelly (She)
  885. Dr Alain Kemp (He/Him), University of Edinburgh
  886. Dr Emma Kennedy (She/her), Queen Mary University of London
  887. Natacha Kennedy (She/her), Goldsmiths College & UCL
  888. Jonathan Kenny (Dr), University of Reading
  889. Dr. Tim Kenyon (He/Him)
  890. Brendan Keogh (he/him), Queensland University of Technology
  891. Ada Kepinska (She/they), King's College London
  892. Dr Kerry-Jo (She/her), UCL
  893. Sam Keyes (she/her), Nottingham University
  894. Stephanie Keyes (She/her), Student
  895. Sara Khan (she/her), University of Manchester Students' Union
  896. Dr Anjana Khatwa (She/Her), Jurassic Coast Trust
  897. Liam Kilgannon-Avant (He), Plymouth Marjon University
  898. Dr Suzy Killmister (She/her), Monash University
  899. Dr Kevin Michael King (He/him), University of Washington
  900. Dr Stephanie King (She/her), University of Bristol
  901. Molly Kingsley (She/her/hers), University of Colorado
  902. Amogh Kinikar (He/his)
  903. Logan A. Kirkland (They), New Anthropological Society
  904. Dr. Lucinda Kirkpatrick (She/her), University
  905. Elizabeth Kirkssen (she/her), Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  906. Dr Peter Kirwan (He/him), University of Nottingham
  907. Akiharu Kitagawa (He), University of Nottingham
  908. Caitlin Kitchener (They), University of York
  909. C. G. Klein (she/her), University of Bath
  910. Dr. Erik Klemetti (He/His), Denison University
  911. Helen Klus ((she/they))
  912. Mr A Knapp, Queen Mary University of London
  913. MSc Ineke Knot (she/her)
  914. Lisa Koelln (she/her), University of Strathclyde
  915. Anja Komatar (they/them), University of Leeds
  916. Dr Darren Koppel (He/Him/His), University of Technology Sydney
  917. Jess Korzeniowska ((she/her)), UKAEA
  918. Dr Claire Kotecki (she/her), The Open University
  919. Miranta Kouvari (she/her), University College London
  920. Johanna Kreft (she/her), University of Birmingham
  921. Dr Tor Krever, University of Warwick
  922. Dr Madhu Krishnan (she/her), University of Bristol
  923. Dr Cornelia Krug (she/her), University of Zurich
  924. Prof. M C Kruse (he/him/his), Duke University
  925. Vera Kubenz (She/her or They/them), University of Birmingham
  926. I Kuh (They/them), Radboud university
  927. Dr Vidya Kumar (She), University of Leicester
  928. Dr Vidya Kunar (She), Leicester Law School, Uni of Leicester
  929. Dr Suze Kundu (She/her/hers), Digital Science
  930. Dr Barbara Kunz, The Open University
  931. Dr Sarah Kunz, University of Bristol
  932. Svenja Kunze (she/her), University of Oxford
  933. Shalaka Kurup (She/her)
  934. Dr. Gunnar Kusch (He/Him), Cambridge University
  935. Dr. Kwasi A. Kwakwa (Him/His), UCL
  936. J Köpping (he/him), Monash University, School of EAE
  937. Dr LRFox (She/her), University of Hull
  938. Dr Melissa LaBonty (She/her), UAB
  939. Ellen Laaker (She/her/hers), Boston University
  940. Celeste Labedz (She/Her), California Institute of Technology
  941. Dr Sam Ladkin, University of Sussex
  942. Margherita Laera (She Her Hers), University of Kent
  943. Rebecca Lakin (She/ Her), University of Bath
  944. Sapphire Lally (She/Her), University of Surrey
  945. Josh Lalonde
  946. Catherine Lambert (she/her), Cornell University
  947. Isabella Lamperti (she/her), UCL
  948. Dr Kate Lancaster (She/her), York
  949. Mr B J Lane (He/Him), University of Leeds
  950. Dr Richard Lane (He/him), University of Sussex
  951. Dr Emma Lane (She/her), Cardiff University
  952. Dr Mark Langan (He/him), Newcastle University
  953. Sam Langford (He/him), Science Communicator
  954. Sebastien Lapointe (He/Him), Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, OIST
  955. Dr A E Latimer, Australian National University
  956. C M C Laurin (She/her), University of Oxford
  957. Dr S Lautenschlager (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  958. Anna Laverty (Her/she), King's College London
  959. Dr A Laville (He/Him), University of Reading
  960. Catherine Lawrence (she/her), Alan Turing Institute
  961. Dr S Lawson (they), Edinburgh Napier University
  962. Dr Jamie Lawson (He/him/his), University of Bristol
  963. Alberto Lazari (He/His), University of Oxford
  964. Dr James Lea (He/him), University of Liverpool
  965. Dr Hannah Leach (she/her), University of Sheffield
  966. Dr S Leahy, Newcastle University
  967. Professor Caroline Lear (She/her), Cardiff University
  968. Alex Leary (He/him), Imperial college london
  969. Dr Kasia Lech, Canterbury Christ Church University
  970. Dr. Franziska Lechleitner
  971. Dr Claire Lee (she/her), Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
  972. Dr Graham KH Lee (He/Him), University of Oxford
  973. Abigail Lee (She/her/hers), University of St Andrews
  974. Philippa Lee
  975. Dr. Nikki Legate (she/her), Illinois Institute of Technology
  976. Dr Caroline Lehmann (She/Her), University of Edinburgh
  977. Dr Leandro Lemgruber, University of Glasgow
  978. Dr Katharine Leney (she/her), Southern Methodist University
  979. Alyssa Lentine (She/her, they/them), Contract research organization
  980. Dr Catherine Lester (She/her), University of Birmingham
  981. Dr Christophe Leterrier (He/Him), Aix-Marseille University
  982. Diane Levine (She/her), University
  983. Chantelle Lewis (Her /she), Goldsmiths/surviving society
  984. Megan Lewis (She/her), Digital Hammurabi
  985. Dr Dewi Lewis, UCL
  986. E Lewis (She/her), Science and Technology Facilities Council
  987. Dr Rachel Lewis, Warwick
  988. Cerys Lewis (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  989. Dr C A Lewis (He/Him), University
  990. Dr Melissa Lewis-Brown (She/her), Health Data Research Uk
  991. Mr D J Leybourne (He/Him), Dundee University
  992. Dr Ying Lia Li (She/her/hers), University College London, UCL Women in Physics Group
  993. Dr Sammy Li (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  994. Julie Libarkin (She/her)
  995. Alysha Lieurance (She/her), University of Pittsburgh
  996. Liz Lilly (She/her), Minnesota Transgender Alliance
  997. Dr Rob Lindsay, University of Manchester
  998. Dr H K Lingard (She/her), University of Oxford
  999. Rebecca Linnett (She/her), University of Leicester
  1000. Dr Debi Linton (She/her), University of Reading
  1001. Professor Anna Lipniacka, University of Bergen
  1002. Lucy Lisanti (She/her), The Royal Society
  1003. Maksym Lisogorskyi (He/Him), University of Hertfordshire
  1004. Miss N Lissenden (She/Her), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  1005. Dr A P Little (She/her), University of York
  1006. Alex Liu, University of Cambridge
  1007. Dr G T Lloyd (He/Him), University of Leeds
  1008. Dr Christopher Lloyd (He/him), University of Hertfordshire
  1009. Nanea Lo , Hawai'i People's Fund
  1010. Dr Simon Lock (He/Him), University College London
  1011. Dr Matt Lodder (He/Him), University of Essex
  1012. Dr John Logan (He/Him), Imperial College London
  1013. Roland Loh (she/her), Kingston University
  1014. Dr. Rowena Lohman (She/Her), University
  1015. Jamie Lombardi (She/Her), Bergen Community College
  1016. Prof. Fiona de Londras (she/her), University of Birmingham
  1017. Seán Looney (He/him), Swansea University
  1018. Miss K L Love (She, her), University
  1019. Dr Jeremy R Love (he/him)
  1020. Mx Evelyn Lovedee-Turner (They), University of York
  1021. Elizabeth Lovegrove (she/her), Oxford Brookes University
  1022. Katie Loveson (she/her), University of Portsmouth
  1023. Morgan Lowther (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  1024. Rev. Matthew Lukens (He/Him/His), Canterbury House at the University of Michigan
  1025. Thomas Lumley (He/him), University of Auckland
  1026. Rhiannon Lunney (She/her), Cardiff university
  1027. Sian Lunt (She her), University College London
  1028. Dr Sophia Lycouris (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1029. Professor Iseult Lynch (She/her), University of Birmingham
  1030. Emerson Lynch, Boston University
  1031. Ms Shamya M (She/her)
  1032. Lillian Ellis, M.S. (She/her/hers), Eastern Michigan University
  1033. J Crunden M.Sci. (She/her), University of Bristol
  1034. Gabrielle Orbaek White, MPH (She/her), Swansea University
  1035. Dr Adam D R May BSc MSc PhD MRSC (N/A), LPD labservices
  1036. Mr. Anthony Lanati BSc. MRes. (He/Him/His), Macquarie Univeristy
  1037. Miss E MacDonald (She/her), University of Glasgow
  1038. Dr. Mark J. MacDougall (He/Him), Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  1039. Miss A MacKay (She/her)
  1040. Dr Lewis MacKenzie (He/him), Durham University
  1041. Catherine MacKenzie (She), The Open Uni
  1042. Dr Ian MacLaren (he/him), University of Glasgow
  1043. Prof CE MacPhee (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1044. Prof C. Macardle (She/Her), Flinders University
  1045. Catriona Macdonald
  1046. Dr Mary Macfarlane (She/her), Leeds Beckett University
  1047. Prof Anson W Mackay (he / him / his), UCL
  1048. Dr H Mackay, Newcastle University
  1049. Prof M R Macleod (He/ his), University of Edinburgh
  1050. Frankie Macpherson (She/Her), University of Glasgow
  1051. Niall Macquaide, University of Glasgow
  1052. Freyja Madsen (she/her), University of Oxford
  1053. De L Martinez Maestro (She/her), The University of Manchester
  1054. Dr C Magee (Him/he), Univeristy
  1055. Mr Phil Maguire (He/him), University
  1056. Mitch's Mainstone (They/Them), Hertford College, Oxford University
  1057. Dr Simon Mair (He/Him), University of Surrey
  1058. Dr. Ananyo Maitra (him), Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Sorbonne Universite
  1059. Dr Candice Majewski (She/her), The University of Sheffield
  1060. Dr J W Makepeace (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1061. Dr Victoria Male (she/her), Imperial College London
  1062. Marie Manalili (She/her/they), University of the Philippines Manila; City, University of London: UCL Institute of Education
  1063. Prof Fred Manby (He/him), University of Bristol
  1064. Madhumanti Mandal (She/Her), University of British Columbia Vancouver
  1065. Emma Manning, Georgetown University
  1066. Dr P D Mannion (he/him), University College London
  1067. Dr Irene Manzella (She), University of Plymouth
  1068. Dr Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (She/her), University of Surrey
  1069. Prof Miguel Maravall (he/him), University of Sussex
  1070. Dr Christopher Marcotte (He/him), University of Exeter
  1071. Mr. Ryan Marek (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  1072. Mx Collette Marie (They/them)
  1073. Dr Erika Marin-Spiotta (She/her/hers), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1074. Dr. Chris Mark, University College Dublin
  1075. Dr J Marles-Wright (He/Him), Newcastle University
  1076. Dr Philip Andrew Marsden (He/him), Unitive Design & Analysis Ltd
  1077. V. R. Marshall (She/ her), Groningen University
  1078. Lo Marshall (She/her, they/them), UCL
  1079. Mipsie Marshall (They/them), Institute of Development Studies (Alumni)
  1080. Professor Cicely Marston (she/her), LSHTM
  1081. Prof Victoria Marti (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1082. Dr Marie Martig (she/her), Liverpool John Moores University
  1083. Angela Martin (Ms), University of Agder
  1084. Dr Alexander Martin (He/him), University of Edinburgh
  1085. Garreth Martin, University of Hertfordshire
  1086. Dr E Martin
  1087. Laura Martin (She/her), Student, University of York
  1088. Dr Stewart Martin-Haugh (he/him), Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  1089. Dr. Rowan Martindale (She/her), The University of Texas at Austin
  1090. Dr Luisa Martinez-Pomares (She), University of Nottingham
  1091. M Mason, University of Oxford
  1092. Megan-Rose Mason
  1093. Dr F C-P Massabuau, University of Cambridge
  1094. Alex Mastrogiannopoulos (He/him), University of Bristol
  1095. D Matei, University College London
  1096. Dr Micaela Matta (She/her), University of Liverpool
  1097. Drew Matthews (He /him), Aaron and partners
  1098. Oliver J E Matthews (He/Him)
  1099. Dr Peter Mawhorter (He/Him), Wellesley College
  1100. Dr Adam D R May (she/her), University of the Arts, London
  1101. Dr. Joshua Mayer (He / Him), Umpqua Bank
  1102. Marian Mayer, Co- Chair Bournemouth University UCU, Chair Southern Region UCU
  1103. Dr Helen Maynard-Casely (She/Her), ANSTO
  1104. Dr R G Mayne (She/her/hers), TCU
  1105. Mr A Ballell Mayoral (He/Him/His), University of Bristol
  1106. Dr S McArthur, Queen Mary, University of London
  1107. Alice McCallum (She/her), University
  1108. Dr P McCarthy (he/him), University of Oxford
  1109. Mrs C R McCole (She/her), University
  1110. Daniel McConaghy (He/his), Aberystwyth University
  1111. Professor Gail McConnell (She/her), University of Strathclyde
  1112. Clare McCook (They/them), James Cook University student
  1113. Ted McCormick (he/him), Concordia University
  1114. Dr Samuel D McDermott (he / him / his), Fermilab
  1115. Christiana McDonald-Spicer (She/her), Australian National University
  1116. Dr. Alan McElligott (he/him), University of Roehampton
  1117. Dr Matt McFarland (He/him), University of Dundee
  1118. Mollie McFarlane (She/her), University of Strathclyde
  1119. Mrs. E. McGann, University
  1120. Dr Barbara McGillivray (She/her), University of Cambridge
  1121. Prof P McGlynn, University of York
  1122. Lucy McGowan (She/her), University of Bristol
  1123. Dr S J McGrane (He/him), University of Strathclyde & Stanford University
  1124. Dr Dermot McGuckin (He/Him), University College London
  1125. Claire McHale (She/They), University
  1126. James McIntosh (he/him), Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge
  1127. Dr Kirsty McIntyre (she/her), University of Glasgow
  1128. Roseanna McKay (She), Monash
  1129. Benjamin McKean (he/him/his), Assistant professor, Ohio State University
  1130. Conor McKeever (He/him), JDRF
  1131. Dr Z McKellar (She/her)
  1132. Thomas McKenzie (He/His), University of York
  1133. Trista McKenzie, University of Hawaiʻi at M�noa
  1134. Dr Lynn McKeown, University of Leeds
  1135. Heather McKnight (She/Her), University of Sussex
  1136. Dr. McLaughlin (She/they), Occidental College
  1137. Dr. Noah M. McLean (he/his), University of Kansas, USA
  1138. Dr Stuart McLelland (He/Him), University of Hull
  1139. Stephen McLoughlin (He/him), Liverpool Hope
  1140. Katie McManus (She/Her), University of Plymouth
  1141. Dr David McNamara (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  1142. Dr Kevin McNicholl, University of Edinburgh
  1143. Dr Kevin McSorley (he/him), University of Portsmouth
  1144. Dr. Emily Jane McTavish (She/her/hers), University of California, Merced
  1145. Dr Sarah Mccallum (She/her), The Francis Crick Institute
  1146. Mikkaila Mckeever-Willis (She/Her), Imperial College London
  1147. Tess Meakin (Her/She), University
  1148. Dr Matt Mears (He/him), University of Sheffield
  1149. Dr S A Meghani
  1150. Dr Guido Meinhold, Keele University
  1151. Nina Melksham (She/her)
  1152. Dr C D Menzies (She/her), University of Aberdeen
  1153. Ella Mercer (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1154. Stephanie Merritt, Queen's University Belfast
  1155. Dr Matthew Mesley (He/They), University of the West of England
  1156. Dr E Metcalfe (She, her), UCL
  1157. Dr Chris Meyns
  1158. Justin W Michalowski
  1159. Jost Migenda (they/them), University of Sheffield
  1160. Evelyn Milburn (she/her), Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  1161. Dr Zoe Mildon (She/her), University of Plymouth
  1162. Dr Pleasantine Mill (she/her), MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh
  1163. Thomas Miller (They/Them/Theirs), Ensemble Studio Theatre
  1164. Miriam Miller (She/her), University of Sheffield
  1165. Georgia Miller, University of Kent
  1166. Karla Miller (she/her), University of Oxford
  1167. Dr. Raeanne Miller (She/her), University of the Highlands and Islands
  1168. Jack Miller (He/him), Oxford University
  1169. Prof Robert Mills (he/him), UCL
  1170. Dr David Mills (He / His), Queen Mary University of London
  1171. Dr D Mills (She/ her), Oxford Brookes
  1172. Sol Milne (He/Him), University of Aberdeen
  1173. Dr Beatriz Mingo (She/her), The Open University
  1174. Dr Beatriz Mingo, The University of Manchester
  1175. Dr Amanda Minter (she/her), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  1176. Mark Miodownik (Him), UCL
  1177. Dr. Devesh Mistry, Univ. Leeds
  1178. Ms. J. T. Mitchell (She/Her), Monash University
  1179. Josh Mitchell (He/ Him)
  1180. Professor John Mitchell, UCL
  1181. Dr Emily G Mitchell (She/her), University of Cambridge
  1182. Dr Royona Mitra (She/Her), Brunel University London
  1183. Dr S S Mohammad-Qureshi (She/her)
  1184. Richard CM Mole (he/his), UCL
  1185. Prof Sara Mole (She Her), UCL
  1186. Dr A Moncaster (she/her), Open University
  1187. Dr Esther Mondragon (She/her/they), City, University of London
  1188. Dr Beth Montague-Hellen , University of Nottingham
  1189. Dr Jin Montclare (She/her), NYU
  1190. Dr Stephen Montgomery (He/him), University of Bristol
  1191. Helen Mooney (She), Women’s Equality Party
  1192. David Moore, Society of Glass Technology
  1193. Dr K. Moore (She/Her), University of Manchester
  1194. Dr. J Bernadette Moore (She/Her/They/Them), University of Leeds
  1195. Rosa Morales (She/her/hers), Eindhoven University of Technology
  1196. Hadrian Moran (He/Him/His), University of Nottingham
  1197. Francisco Morejon, UCL
  1198. Carleigh Morgan (She/her), University of Cambridge
  1199. Dr Sarah Morgan (She/her), Cambridge University
  1200. Dr Colleen Morgan (She/her), University of York
  1201. Dr Matthew Morgan (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  1202. Ceri Morgan (She/her), Keele University
  1203. Miss Elisabeth E A Morgan (she/her), University of Manchester
  1204. Dr B J Morgan (He / Him), University of Bath
  1205. Henry Morris (He / Him), University of Liverpool
  1206. Prof. G. M. Morris (He/him/his), University of Oxford
  1207. Dr Emma A Morris (She/her), University College Dublin
  1208. Professor Antony Morris (He, him, his), University of Plymouth
  1209. Dr Joana Morrison (She), UCL
  1210. Kirsty Morrison (She/her), Library
  1211. Dr Joe Morrison (He/him), Queen's University Belfast
  1212. Dr Chandra Morrison (she/her), LSE
  1213. Professor Andy Morse, University of Liverpool
  1214. Dr Daniel Mortlock (he/him), Imperial College London & Stockholm University
  1215. Gabriel Moshenska, UCL
  1216. s Motaghian (She they), Imperial college london
  1217. Miss Hannah Mottram (She/her), University of Sheffield
  1218. Dr Erdem Motuk (He/him/his), University College London
  1219. Dr. Joshua Moufawad-Paul (He/him), York University
  1220. Dr Jonathan Mound (He/Him), University of Leeds
  1221. Faelan Mourmourakis (He/him or they/them), Macquarie university
  1222. Dr Chris Mowat (they/them), University of Sheffield
  1223. Dr. J Moy
  1224. Mx Alexandra Moylett (She/Her or They/Them), University of Bristol
  1225. Iris Vendel, Msc, KU Leuven
  1226. Dr C Muellenbroich (She/ her), University of Glasgow
  1227. Franziska Mueller (She), Imperial college london
  1228. Mr Robert Muirhead (He/Him/They), University College London
  1229. Dr Helen Mulvana (She/her), University of Glasgow
  1230. Dr Birgit Mumelter (she/her), RMIT University
  1231. Mx Ailsa Mummery (they/them), oSTEM at University Birmingham
  1232. Rebecca Munday (He/him & She/her), University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Society Campaigns & Causes Officer
  1233. Ellie Munro (she/her), University of Birmingham
  1234. Dr Melissa J Murphy (She/her), LOGIC, University College London
  1235. Dr Laura Murphy (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1236. Dr C A Murray (She/Her), Diamond Light Source
  1237. Dr. Elizabeth Heller Murray (She/her), Boston University
  1238. Jacqueline Murray (She/Her), UK Research and Innovation
  1239. Lee Murray (she/her), Monash University
  1240. Charlotte Murray (she/her), King's College London
  1241. Dr Eva Murzyn (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1242. Dr Mai Musie (She/her), University of Oxford
  1243. Dominic Mussack (He/him), University of Luxembourg
  1244. Dr Julia Myatt (She/her), University of Birmingham
  1245. Dr. Michael Nairn (He/him), Cardiff university
  1246. Dr M P Napari (Hän), University of Cambridge
  1247. Dr R Napiwotzki, University of Hertfordshire
  1248. Muralee Navaratnam, ESIEE
  1249. Danielle Navarro (she/her), University of New South Wales
  1250. Corrie Navis (She/her)
  1251. Emily Neilson (she/her), Research Institute
  1252. Dr. Dawn Nekorchuk (She/her), University
  1253. Dr Clara Nellist (she/her), University of Göttingen
  1254. Christina Neuwirth (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1255. Dr Cassie Newland (she/her), Bath Spa University
  1256. Dr A Newton (He), Queen’s University Belfast
  1257. Tram Nguyen (She/ her)
  1258. Dr Helen Niblock
  1259. Bo Nichol (They/them), Newcastle
  1260. Dr Kate Nichols (She/her), University of Birmingham
  1261. Dr S S Nicley (she/her), University of Oxford
  1262. Mr Mark A Nicol (He/Him), STFC
  1263. Christian Nielsen (He/him), Imperial College London
  1264. Morten Lunde Nielsen (He/him), University of Bristol
  1265. Kaja Elisabeth Nilsen (She/her), Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  1266. Prof. C Mac Niocaill (He / Him), University of Oxford
  1267. Dr C Nirta (She), University of Roehampton
  1268. Prof Cath Noakes (She/her), University of Leeds
  1269. Dr. Michael Nolan (He/him), University
  1270. Dr E Norling (she/her), University of Sheffield
  1271. Mr S F Norris (Mr)
  1272. Carol Norris, University
  1273. Dr C North (He/him), Cardiff University
  1274. Johanna Novales (they/them), University College London
  1275. Dr I. Ntonia (She/her), Imperial College London
  1276. Elizabeth Nunn (Her/She), John Hunter Children's Hospital, Newcastle, NSW
  1277. A. C. O'Brien (she/her), University of Glasgow
  1278. Dara O'Brien (Ms), University of Nottingham
  1279. Eoghan O'Connell (Him/he), University of Limerick
  1280. Dr Jean O'Donoghue (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1281. Dr Muireann O'Dwyer (She/her), University of Warwick
  1282. Dr Mary O'Leary, University of Exeter
  1283. Dr. Dara O'Neill (She/her), UCL
  1284. Dr Martin O'Reilly (He/Him), The Alan Turing Institute
  1285. Professor Kate O'Riordan (she/her), University of Sussex
  1286. Dr Saoirse O'Shea, University of Northumbria
  1287. Dr Jacinta O'Shea (She), University of Oxford
  1288. Dr Liz Oakley-Brown (she/her), Lancaster University
  1289. Dr Erinma Ochu (Genderdead), University of Salford
  1290. Prof Alexandra Olaya-Castro (She/Her), University College London
  1291. Francis Baumont de Oliveira (He), University of Liverpool
  1292. Prof Rachel Oliver (she/her), University of Cambridge
  1293. Tom Oliver (He/Him), Bangor University
  1294. Dr K Oliver (they), University of Bristol
  1295. Dr Tom Oliver (He/him), University of Bristol
  1296. Dr Jack Orchard (He/Him), Swansea University
  1297. Dr Vivienne Orchard (Her), University of Southampton
  1298. Robyn Orfitelli (She/her), University of Sheffield
  1299. Dr Kate Orman (She/her), University of East Anglia
  1300. Dr John Ormerod (He/Him), University of Sydney
  1301. Prof. Thomas C. Ormerod, University of Sussex
  1302. Georgia Orton (She / her), King's College London
  1303. Nathan Oseroff-Spicer (He/him/his), King's College London
  1304. Dr Morwan Osman (He/Him), University of Cambridge
  1305. C Osnes
  1306. Mr Rhodri N. Owen (he/him), Swansea University
  1307. Sand Owsnett (They/them), Highland LGBT Forum
  1308. Professor Carrie Paechter (She/her), Nottingham Trent Uniy
  1309. Stefan Paetow (He/Him), Jisc
  1310. Danielle Page (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1311. Erola Pairo-Castineira (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1312. Rose Palermo (She/her), Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  1313. Dr. Robert G Palgrave (he/him), UCL
  1314. Dr Polly Pallister-Wilkins (She/Her), University of Amsterdam
  1315. Dr Caroline Palmer (She/hers), University of Plymouth, Seeking Survivors
  1316. Amy Palubinsky (She/Her)
  1317. Professor Rich Pancost (Him/His), University of Bristol
  1318. Dr Fiona H Panther (She/her), UNSW Canberra, Australia
  1319. Dr Stan Papoulias (they/them), King's College London
  1320. Dr Katerina Paramana
  1321. Jason Pardo (he/him), University of Calgary, Canada
  1322. Danika Parikh
  1323. Gyunghee Park, University College Cork
  1324. Dr Travis Park (He/Him), Natural History Museum
  1325. Susan Parker (she/her), Imperial College London
  1326. Mathew Parkin (He/Him), Glasgow School of Art
  1327. Christopher Parmee (He/Him), University of Cambridge
  1328. Dr M F Parry (He), University
  1329. Becky Parry (She), Sheffield
  1330. Toby Parsonage (he/him), University of Manchester
  1331. Dr Kamna Patel (She/her), University College London
  1332. Narissa Patel (She/her), Open University
  1333. Dr Stephen Pates (He/him/his), University of Oxford
  1334. Andrew Patterson, University College London
  1335. Dr David Pattie (He/him), University of Birmingham
  1336. Dr. Brian Patton (He/Him), University of Strathclyde
  1337. Dr Joanna Pawlik (she/her), University of Sussex
  1338. Prof. Laurence Pearl (He / Him), University of Sussex
  1339. Dr Amy Pearson (She), University
  1340. Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds
  1341. Rebecca Laycock Pedersen (she/her), Keele University
  1342. Dr Amy Pedersen (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1343. Dr Stella Pedrazzini (She/her), Imperial College London
  1344. Dr Sarah Peers (She/her), Independent researcher
  1345. Prof. A.W. Peet (they/them), University of Toronto
  1346. D. L Pegg (he/him), The Open University
  1347. Dr Mark Pendleton (He/him), The University of Sheffield
  1348. Dr Richard Penny, University of Southampton
  1349. Amy Perfors (she/her), University of Melbourne
  1350. D M Persaud (She/her), University College London
  1351. Dr Sean Pert (He/Him), The University of Manchester
  1352. Dr Katy Petherick (She/Her), University of Sussex
  1353. Jonathan Pettitt (He/Him), University of Aberdeen
  1354. Jonathan Dresner, Ph.D. (He/Him), Pittsburg State University (Kansas)
  1355. Katrina Rose, Ph.D., Independent Scholar
  1356. Anthony Mangan
  1357. Maria Jensen, PhD (She/her), University Centre in Svalbard
  1358. Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD (He/him), Ohio University
  1359. Matt Reagor, PhD (He/him/y'all), Rigetti Computing
  1360. Dr. Barret C. Phillips (She/her), University of Lausanne
  1361. Dr Alexandra Phillips (She/her), Imperial College London
  1362. Dr Anthony Phillips (He/him/his), Queen Mary University of London
  1363. Professor Alison Phipps (she/her/hers), University of Sussex
  1364. Steven Piantadosi (he/him), UC Berkeley
  1365. Dr Angela Piccini (She/her), University of Bristol
  1366. Professor Megan Picey (She/her/hers), University of Leeds
  1367. Mr Joshua Pike (He/Him), Royal Holloway University of London
  1368. Dr Véronique Pin-Fat (She/her/hers), University of Manchester
  1369. Dr. Alessandra Pinna
  1370. Dr A. Pitto-Barry (She/her), University of Bradford
  1371. Dr D Plana
  1372. Lucas Planelles (He/him/his), Imperial College London
  1373. Dr Christine Plastow (She/her), The Open University
  1374. Dr Anna Ploszajski (she/her), UCL
  1375. University of Plymouth
  1376. Robert Pockney
  1377. Dr Craig Pollard (He/him), Newcastle University
  1378. Dr A S Pollard (she/her), Imperial College London
  1379. Dr Jolinda Pollock (She/her), The University of Edinburgh
  1380. Dr E Pool (She/her), UCL
  1381. Dr Mike Porter (he/him), UCL
  1382. Dr E F Porth (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1383. Ned Potter (He / His), University of York
  1384. Ms Emily Potter (She/her), British Antarctic survey
  1385. Mr Kit Power (He/Him), The Open Univeristy
  1386. Dr C D Gould van Praag (She/Her), University of Oxford
  1387. Dr Devyani Prabhat (She/her), University of Bristol Law School
  1388. Shambhavi Pratap (She/her), TU Munich, Adcanced Light Source LBNL
  1389. Divya Vijay Pratheek (she/her), QIAGEN
  1390. Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (She/they), University of New Hampshire
  1391. Miss Gloria Preston (she/her)
  1392. Michael Preuss, University of Manchester
  1393. Dr Simon P Preval (He/him), University of Leicester
  1394. Alex Price (He/Him), The Open University
  1395. Miss K Priestley (She/Her), Plymouth University Graduate
  1396. Dr A J Princep (he/him), Wadham College, Oxford / STFC
  1397. Dr Jamie Pringle, Keele University
  1398. Dr M Prior-Jones (He/Him), Cardiff University
  1399. Mr J Profitt, University of Bristol
  1400. Dr Amanda Prosser (she/her), Independent freelance researcher
  1401. Patrikas Prusinskas, University of Hertfordshire
  1402. Chenee Psaros ((she/her)), King's College London
  1403. Dr S L Pugh (She/her), University of Leeds
  1404. Dr. K Pulkkinen (she/her), University of Cambridge/KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  1405. Dr Prarthana Purkayastha (...), RHUL
  1406. Dr. Alicia Purkey (She/her/hers), University
  1407. Dr Craig Purshouse (He/him), University of Leeds
  1408. Associate Professor Louise E Purton (She/her), St. Vincent's Institute, Melbourne, Australia
  1409. Dr Mark Puttick (he/him), University of Bath
  1410. Dr Peter Quicke (He/Him), Glasgow University
  1411. M Murphy Quinlan (She/her), University of Leeds
  1412. Jayne Biddiscombe RGN (Mrs. She.), Weston area NHS trust
  1413. Veronica Elizabeth Raj (She/her)
  1414. Dr Sweta Rajan-Rankin (She), University of Kent
  1415. Vinesh Maguire Rajpaul (He/him), University of Cambridge
  1416. Krishnan Ram-Prasad (He him), University of Cambridge
  1417. Joanna Ramasawmy (She/hers), University of Hertfordshire
  1418. Dr. Nicholas Randell (He/Him)
  1419. Professor Sara Rankin (She / her), Imperial College London
  1420. Stephanie Rankin-Turner (She/her), Loughborough University
  1421. Sian Rankin-Turner (She/Her), University of Nottingham
  1422. Dr Erick Martins Ratamero (He/him), University of Warwick
  1423. Laura-Jane Ratcliffe
  1424. L Rawlins (She/Her), University of Birmingham
  1425. Alex Rawls (She/her), Stephen F. Austin State University
  1426. Professor Emily Rayfield, University of Bristol
  1427. Mr E Rea (He/him), University of Oxford
  1428. Dr Rosti Readioff (she/her), Keele University
  1429. P N Reed (He him), University of Manchester
  1430. Mara H. Reed (she/her), University of California, Berkeley
  1431. Dr Jon Rees (He/him/his), University of Sunderland
  1432. Dr Joe Rees-Jones (Him/He), University of York
  1433. Mr G Reeves, University of Birmingham
  1434. L Regan (She/Her), University of Kent
  1435. Dr. Aaron Regberg (He/Him), NASA
  1436. Dr Marco Reggiani (He/Him/His), University of Strathclyde
  1437. Dr Anna Regoutz (she/her), Imperial College London
  1438. Professor Stephen Reicher, University of St. Andrews
  1439. Dr Nils Karl Reimer (he / him), University of Oxford
  1440. Tim Reis (Dr), University of Greenwich
  1441. Mrs Dawn Rennie , Angus Council
  1442. Professor Emma Renold (She/her), Cardiff University
  1443. M R Rhodes (She/Her/Hers), University of Birmingham
  1444. Victor Ricchezza (he/him), University of South Florida
  1445. Sophie Richards (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1446. Dr. Melanie Richter-Montpetit (she/her), University of Sussex
  1447. Dr Mathis Riehle (He/him), University of Glasgow
  1448. Prof Damien W Riggs (He/him)
  1449. Dr Luciano Rila (He/his), UCL
  1450. Jamie Riley (He/Him), University College London
  1451. Michelle Riley (She/Her), Cabinet maker
  1452. Dr Elizabeth Riley, Australia
  1453. Melanie Rimmer (She/her), The University of Sheffield
  1454. Emma Ringwood (She), INTO University Partnerships
  1455. Dr. Nicole Ritter (She/her), Wilfrid Laurier University
  1456. Erica Robenalt (she/her), Newcastle University
  1457. Debi Roberts (She/Her), Staffordshire University
  1458. Dr Alice Roberts (She/her), Monash University
  1459. Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts (she/her), Institute of Classical Studies
  1460. Gina Maya Roberts (She/Her), University of Edinburgh
  1461. Dr S Roberts (She/her), Swansea University
  1462. Dr. Lucy Roberts ((she/her)), UCL
  1463. Ms Olly Robertson (She/her), Keele University
  1464. Dr N J Robinson (he/him), University of Amsterdam
  1465. Dr Stuart Robinson (He/him), University of Oxford
  1466. Helen Robinson, University of Glasgow/Powerful Earth
  1467. Dr Andrew Robinson (He/him/his), Carleton University
  1468. Dr Jessica Robles (she/her), Loughborough University
  1469. Martina Astrid Rodda (They/them), University of Oxford
  1470. Dr. Clara Rodriguez (She/Her), GeoLatinas organisation
  1471. A. Rodríguez-Blanco, Complutense University of Madrid
  1472. Dr. Luke Roelofs (He/him), Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  1473. Dr Gareth Rogers
  1474. Dr Kirsty Rolfe (She/her), University of Sussex
  1475. Dr. I. van Rooij (she/her), Radboud University
  1476. Liam Rooney (He/him), University of Strathclyde
  1477. Dr Carly Rosewarne (She/her), University of South Australia
  1478. Dr Chris Rossdale (he/him), LSE
  1479. Stephanie Rothman (She/her/hers), Cal Poly University Pomona
  1480. Anne Routledge (She/her), University of York
  1481. Dr Sam F Rowe (He/Him)
  1482. Reuben Rowlands (He/Him), University of Manchester
  1483. Dr P Rowley, University of Hull
  1484. Ms S Royle (She/her), Univerity of Liverpool
  1485. Dr Sam Royston (she/her), University of Bristol
  1486. Dr. Ashley L. Ruba (she/her), University of Washington
  1487. Dr Caroline Ruddell, Brunel University
  1488. Hatty Ruddick (She/Her), Salford SU Trustee, Disabled Students' Rep on the NUS Women's Campaign Elect
  1489. Tomasz Rudzki (He/him), University of York
  1490. J P Rule (He/him), Monash
  1491. Rowan Rush-Morgan (They/Them), University of Cambridge
  1492. Rosie Russell (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1493. Alex Russell (He/him/his)
  1494. E M Russo (her), South Hampstead High School
  1495. Mr William A. J. Rutter (He/Him), University of South Wales
  1496. Prof Michelle Ryan (She/Her), University of Exeter
  1497. Dr R Ryan
  1498. Evelyn C. Rynkiewicz (She/her), Fashion Institute of Technology-State University of New York
  1499. MSc Kristyna Rysava (She), University of Warwick
  1500. Mr. SHumble (He/Him), University
  1501. Dr Sainsbury (She/Her), University of Oxford
  1502. Dr Manabu Sakamoto (He/him), University of Reading
  1503. Dr Greg Salter (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  1504. Dr Patrick Salter , Oxford University
  1505. Mar Sanchez (Her), Charity
  1506. Paul Gerald Layague Sanchez (he/him), European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  1507. Dr S Sattler (she/her), Imperial College London
  1508. Dr Elizabeth Savage (she/her), University of London
  1509. Christina Savage (She/Her), University of Kentucky
  1510. Dr David Sawtell (He/him), Manchester Metropolitan university
  1511. Professor David O. Scanlon (He/Him), UCL
  1512. Audrey Scardina (she/her), University of Edinburh
  1513. Jazmin Scarlett (She/Her), Newcastle University
  1514. Professor Fabrizio Scarpa, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL
  1515. Dr Daniel Schillereff (He/his), King's College London
  1516. Danielle Schimmenti (She/her), Texas A&M University
  1517. Franziska Schmidt (She/her), UCL
  1518. Dr Zoe Schnepp
  1519. Dr. Marek Schoenherr (he), Durham University
  1520. Prof. Eleanor Schofield (She/her), Mary Rose Trust
  1521. Whitney Scott, University
  1522. Dr Lizzie Seal (She/her), University of Sussex
  1523. Dr Annela Seddon (She / her), University of Bristol
  1524. Dr. A Segerdahl (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1525. J. Seidel (she/her), University of Geneva
  1526. Dr Alina Selega
  1527. Georgina Self (They/them), Sheffield Hallam University
  1528. T Sell, University of Cambridge
  1529. Silvia González Sellán (She/her), University of Toronto
  1530. Miss Ritwika Sengupta
  1531. Dr Gael Sentas (he/him), University of Siegen
  1532. Dr Tanya Serisier (she/her), Birkbeck College
  1533. Prof. Stephen Serjeant (He/him), The Open University
  1534. Prof. Nausheen Raees Shah (She/her), Wayne State University
  1535. Dr. Michael Shannon (He/him), Columbia university, NYC
  1536. Stephanie Shannon (She/her), Law Student, University of Arizona
  1537. Dr. Pratheek Shanthraj ((he/him))
  1538. Dr. Julie Teresa Shapiro (She/her), Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie
  1539. Dr Jo Sharp (she/her), University of Sheffield
  1540. Hasana Sharp (She/ her/ hers), McGill University
  1541. Dr Alana Sharp, University of Liverpool
  1542. Professor Alex Sharpe (She/her), Keele University
  1543. Professor S Sharples (She/her), University of Nottingham
  1544. R A Shaw (He/him), University of Sheffield
  1545. Angie Shaw (She/her), Post grad student, University of Manchester
  1546. Jack Oliver Shaw (He), Yale University
  1547. Tom Sheard (He/him), University of Leeds
  1548. Dr Catherine Sheard (she/her), University of Bristol
  1549. Dr T Shearer (he/him/his), University of Manchester
  1550. Paul Sheehan (Him)
  1551. Dr Nathan Sheff (he/him), University of Connecticut
  1552. Dr Sarah Sheffield (She/hers), The University of South Florida
  1553. Richard Sheldrake (he/him/they/them), UCL
  1554. Dr. Alex Shenfield (He/him), Sheffield Hallam University
  1555. Dr Philippa Shepley (She, her), University of Leeds
  1556. Connor Shiggins (He/him), Keele University
  1557. Ewan Shilland, UCL
  1558. Dr Rebecca Shipley, University College London
  1559. Mr G M J Shock (He/him), University of Oxford
  1560. Ms J Short, Newcastle University
  1561. Dr. Manisha Shrestha (she/her), Liverpool John Moores
  1562. Dr. Elizabeth C Sibert (she/her), Harvard University
  1563. Dr. Margaret Signorella (she/her), Penn State Brandywine
  1564. Dr. Tina Sikka (She/her), Newcastle University
  1565. Dr Nick Silberstein (He/him), North Richmond Community Health
  1566. Dr. G L Simpson (He/him), University of Regina
  1567. Miss Aoife Simpson (She/Her), University of Hertfordshire
  1568. Benjamin J Singer (he/him), University of Oxford
  1569. Brooke Sinnen (She/Her/Hers), University of Colorado
  1570. Matthew Sinton (He/Him), University of Edinburgh
  1571. Hazel Sivori, LJMU
  1572. Dr C J Skinner (He/Him), University of Hull
  1573. Mx Daz Skubich (they/them), University of Manchester SU Trans Campaign
  1574. Eren Slate (He/him), University of Sheffield
  1575. Dr A Slater (She/her), University of Liverpool
  1576. Dr Heather Slater, Newcastle University
  1577. Mr J M Small (He/Him), Durham University
  1578. Dr Brianna Smart (She/Her/Hers), University of Hertfordshire
  1579. J E Smart (She/her), University of Warwick
  1580. Mr Tom Smejka (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1581. Dr C J Smith (He/Him), University of Reading
  1582. Dr Chris Smith, Coventry University
  1583. Dr Elise Smith, University of Warwick
  1584. Richard Smith, Queen's University Belfast
  1585. Dr D Smith (Him/His), University of Hertfordshire
  1586. Dr. Erica Smith (she/her), Indiana University
  1587. Ms C Smith (She/Her), University of Oxford
  1588. Maggie Smith (She/her), University of York
  1589. Dr Ewan St. John Smith (He/him), University of Cambridge
  1590. Prof Jason Smith (He, him), University of Oxford
  1591. Kelly Smith (She/her), University of Oxford
  1592. Professor David Smith (he/him), University of York
  1593. Kyle Smith (He, him), University
  1594. Dr. Patricia Smith (she/ her), Century College
  1595. Kyle Smith (He/him), University of Glasgow
  1596. Dr. Camila Rangel Smith (She/her), The Alan Turing Institute
  1597. T Smith (He/him), University of Bristol
  1598. Dr. Tora Smulders-Srinivasan, Teesside University
  1599. Gillian Smyth (She), Suragth
  1600. Dr Lynne U Sneddon , University
  1601. Dr Todd Snider (he/him), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  1602. Alexa Soares (she/her), Yale University
  1603. Dr. Gabriela Sobral (she/her), Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart
  1604. Raechel Soicher (She/her/hers), Oregon State University
  1605. Mariella de Soissons, UCL
  1606. Dr Daniel Somerville (he/him), University of Worcester
  1607. Marco Sorbona, Imperial College London
  1608. Pietro Spanu, Imperial College London
  1609. Dr D J Spearritt (She her), PFLAG Toowoomba, Qld
  1610. Dr Alan R.T. Spencer, Imperial College London
  1611. Dr Ashley Spindler (she/hers), University of Hertfordshire/Pride in STEM
  1612. Karl Spires (He), Individual
  1613. T W Spriggs, University of Hertfordshire
  1614. Yvonne Spychala (She/her)
  1615. Dr Arathi Sriprakash, University of Cambridge
  1616. Jack Stack (He/him/his), Michigan State University
  1617. A Stadermann (She/her), University of Arizona
  1618. Dr Clare Stainthorp (she/her), University College London
  1619. Dr Lisa Stampnitzky (She/her), University of Sheffield
  1620. Dr Arabella Stanger (She/her), University of Sussex
  1621. Professor Sabine Stanley (She/her/hers), Johns Hopkins University
  1622. Erwin van der Stap, University Sponsor
  1623. Dr R Staras (She/her), University
  1624. Dr. Giordon Stark (He/His/Him), SCIPP, UC Santa Cruz
  1625. Dr N A Starkey (She/Her), The Open University
  1626. Dr D Starns, University of Liverpool
  1627. Hanne Stawarz (she/her), University of Edinburgh
  1628. Dr Julia E. Stawarz (She/Her/Hers), Imperial College London
  1629. Dr Kathryn Steel, King's College London
  1630. Dr M Steenhagen (he/him), University of Cambridge
  1631. Cristina Stefan, University of Leeds
  1632. Prof Julia Steinberger (She/her), University of Leeds
  1633. Dr. Janet D. Stemwedel (she/her), San Jose State University (San Jose, California, USA)
  1634. Dr Natasha Stephen (She/Her), University of Plymouth; Royal Astronomical Society Committee for Diversity in Astronomy & Geophysics
  1635. David Stephens (He/Him), University of Bristol
  1636. Dr Ifan Stephens (He/him), Imperial College London
  1637. Dr Judy Stephenson , UCL
  1638. Dr Francis Stevens (He2), University of York
  1639. Dr George Stevenson (He), INTO Newcastle University
  1640. Carl Stevenson (he/his), University of Birmingham
  1641. Dr Paul Stevenson (He/him), University of Surrey
  1642. Dr. Caitlin Stewart (She/Her), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  1643. Dr Dan Stewart (He/him), University of Leicester
  1644. Jamie Stewart (He/him), University of Manchester
  1645. Callum Stirling (He/him), University of Southampton
  1646. Dr Ruth Stirton (She/her), University of Sussex
  1647. Mr Christopher Stockey (He/him), University of Leicester
  1648. Dr Alison Stokes (she/her), University of Plymouth
  1649. Sascha Stollhans (he/him), Lancaster University
  1650. Dr R D Storrar (He his him), Sheffield Hallam University
  1651. Mr M Story (He/him), Keele University
  1652. Mr Alex Strachan, University of Plymouth
  1653. Dr. James Strachan (He/Him/His), Central European University
  1654. Miss E C Strickson (she/her), Liverpool John Moores University
  1655. Mr Simon Stringer (He/Him/His), Liverpool John Moores University
  1656. Ms Leonie Stroemich ((she/her)), Imperial College London
  1657. Ross Strong (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  1658. Dr A Strowe (she/her), University of Manchester
  1659. J Stubbs, University of York
  1660. Professor Michael P.H. Stumpf, University of Melbourne
  1661. Dr Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez (she/her), Uppsala University
  1662. Dr Rebecca Sugden (she/her), University of Cambridge
  1663. Dr James Sumner (he/him), University of Manchester
  1664. Dr. Michael Sumner (He/him), University of Tasmania
  1665. Vanita Sundaram (She/her), University of York
  1666. Simon Sung, National university of singapore
  1667. Dr Lou Sutcliffe (Ey/Em, They/Them or She/Her), Newcastle University
  1668. Timothy Swann (He/Him), University of Hertfordshire (postgrad student)
  1669. Dr G E A Swann (He), University of Nottingham
  1670. Professor Stephen Sweeney, University of Surrey
  1671. Dr Maximilian Swiatlowski (He/him), University of Chicago
  1672. Joanne Swidenbank (She/her), university of South Wales
  1673. Tom Syder (He/Him/His), University of Birmingham
  1674. Tasmin L. Symons (She/her), Imperial College London
  1675. Dr John Szymanski, University of York
  1676. Nuzhat Tabassum (She/Her), University of Bristol
  1677. Jemima Tabeart (She/her), University of Reading
  1678. Mariarosaria Taddeo (She), Taddeo
  1679. Prof A Tagliabue (He/his), University of Liverpool
  1680. Tim M.P. Tait (He, Him), University of California, Irvine
  1681. Prof. Flip Tanedo (He / Him / His), University of California, Riverside
  1682. Andrew Tarzia
  1683. Dr Will Tattersdill (he/him), University of Birmingham
  1684. Dr R J M Taylor (He/His), University of Cambridge
  1685. Dr Philip Taylor (He/him), Australian National University
  1686. Leanne Taylor (She/Her), University of Kent
  1687. Ellen Taylor (she), Oxford University
  1688. Mr Jake Taylor (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1689. Davida Taylor (She / Her), None / Many
  1690. Liam Taylor (he / him), University of Leeds
  1691. Dr K A Taylor (He/Him/His), Imperial College London
  1692. Mx Stephanie Taylor (she, her), previously University of London
  1693. Dylan Teague (He/Him), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1694. A Teitler (She/Her), University of Oxford
  1695. Camilla Tham (She/her)
  1696. Dr. T Thieme (She/her), UCL Geography
  1697. Dr Emmi Tholerus (they/them), UK Atomic Energy Agency
  1698. Prof D N Thomas, Bangor University
  1699. Dr. Nicole Thomas (She/Her/Hers), City of Hope
  1700. Megan Thompson (she/her), University of Texas Austin
  1701. Ellen Thompson (She/her), University
  1702. Dr R P Thompson (he/him), University of Cambridge
  1703. Dr Rebecca Thompson ((she/her)), University of Leeds
  1704. Dr F C Thompson (She/her), PFHEA
  1705. Dr Harriet Thomson (She/her), University of Birmingham
  1706. Professor Pat Thomson (She her), The University of Nottingham
  1707. Dr Melanie Thomson (She/her), VeraQ Pty Ltd
  1708. Dr Varyl Thorndycraft (He/him), Royal Holloway University of London
  1709. Dr Rob Thornton (he/him), University of Leicester
  1710. Dr Suzanne Thornton (She, her, hers), Rutgers University
  1711. Mr S Thorp (He/him), University of Cambridge
  1712. Natalie Thurlby (she/her), University of Bristol
  1713. Dr. Annett Thøgersen, SINTEF
  1714. Associate Professor John Tibby (He/His), University
  1715. Katrina Tilbrook (She/Her/Hers), Leeds Beckett University
  1716. Dr. Laura M. Tilghman (she/her), Plymouth State University, New Hampshire USA
  1717. Dr Liadh Timmins (They/Them), King's College London
  1718. Dr Valeska Ting (She/her), University of Bristol
  1719. Dr Catherine Tonry (She/her), University of Greeenwich
  1720. Dr Ines Pineda Torra (She/hers), University College London
  1721. Dr Mario Toubes-Rodrigo (he/him), The Open University
  1722. Dr Matthew Towers (he/him), University College London
  1723. Jay Towler (She/Her)
  1724. Mr J S Town (He/Him), University of Warwick
  1725. Dr E M Townsend (She/Her), University of Warwick
  1726. Helen Towrie (She/her)
  1727. Gemma Tracey (She/her), Wellcome Trust
  1728. Dr M J Traxler (He/him/his), UC Davis
  1729. Wellington Tremayne, Bellarmine University
  1730. Marissa Tremblay (she/her), Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
  1731. Dr Annie Tremp (She/her), LSHTM
  1732. Dr Sarah L Trinder (Her/she), University of Surrey
  1733. Molly Trudgill (She/Her), University of St Andrews
  1734. Alina Tryfonidou (She/Her), University of Reading
  1735. Mx. J Tulip (They/Them), Newcastle University
  1736. Dr C Tunaker (She/Her), University of Kent
  1737. Dr Elizabeth Tunbridge (She/her), University of Oxford
  1738. Dr Lewis Turner (he/him), Arnold Bergstraesser Institute at the University of Freiburg
  1739. Thomas Turner (He/Him), Goldsmiths, University of London
  1740. Katy Turner (She/her), University of Bristol
  1741. Dan Turner (He/Him), University of York
  1742. Dr Joe Turner (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  1743. Ian Turner (Him /His), University
  1744. Dr Alison Twelvetrees (She/her), University of Sheffield
  1745. Dr. Arwen I I Tyler (She/her), University of Leeds
  1746. Dr Jonathan Tyler (Him/his/he), University of Adelaide
  1747. Dr Ntina Tzouvala (she/her), Melbourne Law School
  1748. R Ulrich (he/they), University of California-Los Angeles; Queers in STEM
  1749. Er Eleonora Uphoff (She/her), University of York
  1750. Shauna VB (Her/She)
  1751. Miguel A. Valvano (Professor), Queen's University Belfast
  1752. Dr Collin VanBuren (He/him), Ohio State University
  1753. Prof Vigdis Vandvik (She/her), University of Bergen
  1754. Prof Seralynne Vann, Cardiff University
  1755. Dr A L Varri (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1756. Dr F Vass-Rhee (She/her), University of Kent
  1757. Sinead Vaughan (she / her / hers), UCL Institute of Education
  1758. M.SC. D. F. B. Vaz, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  1759. Dr E Van Veeren (she/her), University of Bristol
  1760. Dr Victor Velecela (He/him), University
  1761. Rineke Verbrugge (she / her), University of Groningen
  1762. Dr. Daniela Vergara (she/her), University of Colorado Boulder
  1763. Christos Vergis (he/his), University of Bonn
  1764. dr Lennart Verhagen (he/him), University of Oxford
  1765. Wren Vetens (She/her & they/them), University of Wisconsin - Madison/CERN
  1766. Dr. A. Vezzoli (He/Him), University of Liverpool
  1767. Francesca Vianello (She/her), Imperial College London
  1768. Dr. Jakob Vinther (He/Him), University of Bristol
  1769. Alnica Visser (she/her), University of Pittsburgh
  1770. Dr Vlahakis (He), Health
  1771. Dr Johanna Vos (she/her), American Museum of Natural History
  1772. Prof Franciska de Vries (She/her), The University of Manchester
  1773. Christophe Vuillot (he/him), QuTech, TU Delft
  1774. Dr Jess Wade (She/ her), Imperial College London
  1775. Mr M D Wadge, University of Nottingham
  1776. Dr Kim A. Wagner, QMUL
  1777. H Walker (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1778. Alex Walker, University of Oxford
  1779. Dr. Stephanie Walker (She/Her), Boston College
  1780. Barry Wall (He), Uom
  1781. Dr Illan rua Wall (He/him), University of Warwick
  1782. Edward Wallace (he/him), University of Edinburgh
  1783. Dr Andrew Walley (He/Him), St George's, University of London
  1784. Shannon Walsh (she/her), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1785. Prof. Aron Walsh, Imperial College London
  1786. Dr Catherine Walter (she/her), University of Oxford
  1787. Dr Charlie Wand (He/him), University of Manchester
  1788. Madina Wane (She/her), Imperial College London
  1789. Dr Lena Wanggren, University of Edinburgh
  1790. Dr Derek A Wann (He/him/his), University of York
  1791. Craig Ward (He/Him), University of Birmingham
  1792. Jessica Wardman (She/her), University of York
  1793. Dr Jessica Ware (She/Her), Rutgers University
  1794. Dr C J Warren (she/her), The Open University
  1795. Bridget Warren (She/her), University of Birmingham
  1796. Mr. Felix Warren (He/Him), UKAEA
  1797. Freya Watkins, University of Birmingham
  1798. Dr. Catherine Watkinson, Imperial College London
  1799. Dr Caroline Watkinson (She/Her/They), University of Birmingham
  1800. Dr Malcolm Watson (He/him), University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  1801. Dr M Watson (He/him), University of Bristol
  1802. Beth Rose Watt (she/her), Newcastle University
  1803. Gordon T Watts (He/Him), University of Washington
  1804. Dr Christopher A Waudby, UCL
  1805. Dr R E Weaver (she/her), University of Plymouth
  1806. Dr Alexis Webb (She/her), Cancer Research UK
  1807. Simone Webb (She/her), UCL and KCL
  1808. Mr Alex Webb (He/Him), University of Manchester
  1809. Emilia Weber (She/her), PhD student UCL
  1810. Dr C A Weidner (She/her), Aarhus University
  1811. Lauren Weiler (She/her/hers), Università Degli Studi di Torino
  1812. Dr. Kevin Weitemier (he/him), Oregon State University
  1813. Mr P G Welch (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1814. Professor Christine Wells (She/her), University of Melbourne, Australia
  1815. Mr Connor Wells (He/Him)
  1816. Cara Wells (She/her), University of Leicester
  1817. K M Wesencraft (She/her), University of Strathclyde
  1818. Dr Kristina West (She/her), Independent scholar
  1819. J Weston (He / Him), The University of Sheffield
  1820. Dr Nicholas Weston (He/him), University of Sheffield
  1821. Dr. Meaghan Wetherell (She/Hers), Central Washington University
  1822. Dr. Sam Wetherell (Him), University of York
  1823. Dr Kirstie Whitaker (She/her/hers), University of Cambridge
  1824. Dylan White (They/Them), University of Manchester
  1825. N Whitehouse, Plymouth University
  1826. Daisy L Whitfield (She/her/hers), Ohlone College
  1827. Professor Paul Wigley, University of Liverpool
  1828. Dr Vanda Wilcox (She/her), John Cabot University
  1829. Dr Lauren Wilcox (She/hers), University of Cambridge
  1830. Mathilde Wilfart (She/her)
  1831. Prof Angus J Wilkinson (He/Him), University of Oxford
  1832. Dr Eleanor Wilkinson, University of Southampton
  1833. Dr Claire Wilkinson (She/her), University of Cambridge
  1834. Tim Wilkinson (He/him), University of Edinburgh
  1835. Dr S A Wilks (She/her), University of Southampton
  1836. Dr Helen Willcock (She/her), Loughborough University
  1837. Hobbs Willett (he/him), University of Sheffield
  1838. Dr Rebecca Williams (She/Her), University of Hull
  1839. Dr Hannah Williams (She/her), Imperial College London
  1840. Dr Heather Williams (She/Her), The Christie & Manchester University
  1841. Dr Gwenllian Williams (She/Her), University of Hertfordshire
  1842. Professor S Williams (She/her), University of Leeds
  1843. Mr Alex Williams, Imperial College London
  1844. Paulette Williams (She / her), Leading Routes
  1845. Ari Williams (They/them), Wilfrid Laurier University
  1846. Carly Rose Willing (She/her), Boston Children's Hospital
  1847. K. Willis (She/her), University of Leeds
  1848. Mr J D Willsher (He/him/his), Imperial College London
  1849. Caroline Wilson (She/her), University
  1850. Professor Helen Wilson (she/her), UCL
  1851. David Wilson (They/them), Loughborough University
  1852. Sinead Wilson (she/her), The University of Queensland
  1853. Catherine Wilson (They/Them), Private Practice Uplift Psychological Services, St Vincent's Hospital, University of Sydney, Independent provision of health professional education and superivision
  1854. David Wilson (He/Him), University of Edinburgh
  1855. Sorrel Wilson (She/her), University of Manchester
  1856. Iona Wilson (She/Her), University of Sheffield
  1857. Wilf Wilson
  1858. Judith Winters (She/Her), University of York
  1859. Dr James D Witts (He/him), University of New Mexico
  1860. DrvJohannes Wolf (he/him), University of Oxford
  1861. Dr Jenny Wong (She/Her), Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
  1862. Sarah Wong (Ms), Aston
  1863. H L Wragg (She), University of bath
  1864. Dr. Mary Wrenn (she/her), U. of the West of England
  1865. Dr Katharine A. M. Wright (She/her), Newcastle University
  1866. Prof T J Wright (He/His), University of Leeds
  1867. Hannah Wright (she/her), London School of Economics and Political Science
  1868. Natalie Wright (She/her), Open university
  1869. Dr K A Wright ((she/her))
  1870. Laura Wright (She, her, hers), Met Office, UK
  1871. Emma Wroe (She/Her), BSUH NHS Trust
  1872. Simon Wyatt (He/him), Imperial College London
  1873. Dr Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon, University of Cambridge
  1874. Bradley Paul Wyble (He/him/his), Pennsylvania State University
  1875. Dr Christine Yao (She/her), University College London
  1876. Dr Audrey Yap (she/her), University of Victoria
  1877. Kathryn Yates (She), Imperial College London
  1878. Dr Hao Ye (he/him), University of Florida
  1879. Brennan York (He/him), Columbia College Chicago
  1880. Dr L H Youds (She/her), University of Leeds
  1881. Kat Young (they/them), University of York
  1882. Dr Iris Young (he/him/his), University of California San Francisco
  1883. Matthew J Young (he/him), University of Nottingham
  1884. Gloria Young (she/her), Imperial College London
  1885. Dr Ingrid Young (She/her), University of Edinburgh
  1886. Dr M T Young (He/him), University of Edinburgh
  1887. Robyn Young (She/her), OU student
  1888. Rafael Young (He/him/his), The Open University
  1889. Nicholas Younger (Him/he), University of Edinburgh
  1890. Lorijn Zaadnoordijk (She/Her), Trinity College Dublin
  1891. Dr Richard Zach (he/him), University of Calgary, Canada
  1892. Marta Zaher (They/them, she/her), University of Bristol
  1893. Aleardo Zanghellini (he/him), University of Reading
  1894. Irina V. Zapp (she/her or they/them)
  1895. Dr S C Zenz (he/him/his), Queen Mary University of London
  1896. Dr S Zihms (She), UWS
  1897. Dr. Martijn Zwijnenburg, UCL