This page has been established to document the Complaints procedure for TIGERSTEMM.

You can find holders for any roles mentioned here on the structure sub-page.

(1) Complaints about actions of TIGERSTEMM

We recommend that you email and we will get back to you when we can. Emails to this account are monitored, and text from the email may be shared with the membership if appropriate. Please indicate if you would like your request to be confidential, or you can directly contact a Welfare TIGER if you would like a specific point of contact.

Please note that our social media account are run by our Deputy-TIGERs (Social Media) and our code of conduct outlines our social media policy.

Specifically, section 5.3 states:

  • "Please be aware that tweets may be “quote tweeted” and taken out of context, or used in a way that was not intentional. If this begins to happen, please ask for support from other members. It may be in our interest to apologise, clarify, and retract statements from time to time. Please do not delete tweets from the account, and instead offer a clear retraction as a reply to the problematic tweet." (extracted 26/05/2019)

(2) Complaints about actions of the TIGERSTEMM by members

Our complaints procedure is currently being developed. Please contact a the Tiger-in-Charge or a Welfare TIGER in the first instance at this stage.