Blog Volume 1

Welcome & New Blog

[This post was written by Dr Ben Britton]

We have decided to start a new blog for TIGERinSTEMM. We hope to use this site (medium) and our own website ( to share with you ideas and know-how from the group, as well as to promote recent activities and ideas.

The focus on this blog will be aligned with our Mission and Vision:

Mission: TIGERS builds and supports an inclusive network of students and professionals in STEMM** fields who are united in their commitment to achieving equity and improving diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in STEMM research. The network leads and engages with campaigns that aim to make STEMM research more equitable, and supports members in their related campaigning activities.

Vision: The TIGERS aspire to a future where STEMM research encompasses and includes a broad, diverse community. This future can only be brought about by effective systemic change. The community performing research in STEMM needs to be diverse, welcoming and open so that it can meet the challenges of today’s world.

*TIGERS: The Inclusion Group for Equity in STEMM

**STEMM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine

If you are a writer on Medium and you are a member of the Tigers, just let us know and we can add you as a writer for the Medium version of this blog*.

*blog posts submitted by members for this channel must ahere to our code of conduct.

You can find us most easily via @tigerinstemm, or our website, or via email.

[This post was written by Dr Ben Britton]