List of members

Cathy Abbott (Cathy, she/her), University of Edinburgh, @CathyAbbottLab

Ifty Ahmed (Ifty, he/him), University of Nottingham, @Dr_Ifty_Ahmed

Idris Ajia (Idris, He/him), University of Southampton, @idrismonsur

Riaz Akhtar (Riaz), University of Liverpool, @DrRiazA

Ankita Anirban (Ankita, she/her), Springer Nature, @AnkitaAnirban

Claudia Antolini (Claudia, she/her), @CA_AstroComm

Moataz Attallah (Moataz), University of Birmingham, @MoatazAttallah

Clara Barker (Clara, she/her), University of Oxford, @ClaraMBarker

Katie Nicoll Baines (Katie, she/her), University of Edinburgh, @knicollb

Kathryn Boast (Kathryn, she/her), University of Oxford, @Kathryn_EB

Jessica Boland (Jessie, she/her) University of Manchester, @drjessboland

Juliane Borchert (Juliane, she/her) University of Oxford, @PV_Physicist

Cerys Bradley (Cerys, They/them), University College London, @hashtagcerys

Hope Bretscher (Hope, she/hers), University of Cambridge, @HopeLouiseB

Andrew Cairns (Andrew, he/him/his), Imperial College London, @abcairns

Kristyn Carter (she/her), University of Glasgow, @Krisalex95

Noelle Colant (Noelle, she/her), University College London, @nacofalltrades

Sean Collins (Sean, he/him/his), University of Leeds, @SeanCollinsChem

Paul Coxon (Paul, he/him/his), University of Cambridge, @PaulCoxon

Linda Cremonesi (Linda, She/Her), Queen Mary University of London, @LindaCremonesi

Avery Cunningham (Avery, he/him), University of Birmingham, @Nuqueerengineer

Anna Cupani (Anna, she/her), Imperial College London, @AnnaCupani

Zoë Davidson (Zoë, she/her), University of Strathclyde, @zoe_two_dots_

Luke Kristopher Davis (Luke, he/his), University College London/London Centre for Nanotechnology @luke_kristopher

Isha DeCoito (Isha, she/her), Western University, Canada, @STEMify_Ed

Laia Delgado (Laia, she/her), King's College London, @LaiaDelCa

Akhila Denduluri, (Akhila, she/her), University of Cambridge, @akhi_waveNgrain

Vanessa Diaz (Vanessa, she/her), University College London, @vdiazucl

Bluebell Drummond (Bluebell Drummond, she/her), University of Cambridge, @BHDrummond

David Dye (David, he/him), Imperial College London, @DavidDye9

Nadimul Faisal (Faisal, he/him), Robert Gorgon University, @nh_faisal

Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria (Carla Faria, She/her), University College London, @CarlaFMFaria

Francesca Firth (Francesca, she/her), University of Cambridge, @FC_Firth

João Fonseca (João, he/him), University of Manchester, @jqfonseca

Holly Foss (Holly, she/her), University of Birmingham, @hjpolyglot

Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay (Caroline, she/her), University of Glasgow, @cgl_119

Baptiste Gault (Bat, he/him), Imperial College London, @bat__go

Sam Giles (Sam, she/her/hers), University of Birmingham, @GilesPalaeoLab

Prem Gill (Prem, He), Cambridge / WWF /BAS , @polarprem

Lisa Hollands (Lisa, she/her), The University of Sheffield, @HollandsLisa

Lilian Hunt (she/her), EDIS, @lilianehunt91

Christopher Jackson (Chris, he/him), Imperial College London, @seis_matters

Akhila Kadgathur Jayaram (She/they), University of Cambridge

Izzy Jayasinghe (Izzy, she/her/hers), University of Leeds, @i_jayas

Julie Jebsen (Julie, she/her), University of Wolverhampton, @JulieJebsen

Rich Johnston (Rich, he/him), Swansea University, @DrRichJohnston

Sohini Kar-Narayan (Sohini, she/her), University of Cambridge, @Kar_Narayan_Lab

Hamideh Khanbareh (Hamideh, she/her), University of Bath, @H_Khanbareh

Ying Lia Li (Lia, she/her/hers), University College London, @OptoLia

Jonathan Levitt (Jonathan), University of Wolverhampton

Clara Nellist (Clara, she/her), Universität Göttingen, @claranellist

Anson Mackay (Anson, he/him/his) University College London, @ansonmackay

Candice Majewski (Candice, she/her), University of Sheffield @CandiceMajewski

Caroline Muellenbroich (Caroline, she/her), University of Glasgow, @cmuell15

Claire Murray (Claire, she/her), Diamond Light Source, @Dr ClaireMurray

Erinma Ochu (Erinma, No pronouns - just Erinma), University of Salford, @erinmaochu

Alexandra Olaya-Castro (Alex, she/her), @AlexOlayaCastro

Rachel Oliver (Rachel, she/her), University of Cambridge, @ProfRachelGaN

Brian Patton (Brian, he/him), University of Strathclyde, @DrBrianPatton

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee, (Krystina, She/her), BAE Systems, @K_Ramps

Katy Petherick, (Katy, she/her/hers), University of Sussex, @KatyPetherick

Inés Pineda-Torra (Inés, she/her/hers), University College London, @inespinedatorra

Andrew Princep (Andrew, he/him/his), University of Oxford @AJPrincep

Sofia Qvarfort (Sofia, She/her), University College London, @sqvarfort

Rachel Ranson (Rachel, She/her/hers), Northumbria University, @RansonDr

Annela Seddon (Annela, she/her), University of Bristol

Zoe Schnepp (Zoe, she/her), University of Birmingham @zoeschnepp

Patricia Scully (Patricia, She/Her), Nationa University of ireland, Galway, @PPadraigin

Joanne Sharp (Jo, She/Her), The University of Sheffield, @JoFeanelwa

Natasha Stephen (Nat, she/her), University of Plymouth, @NatStephen

Michael Sulu, (Mike, he/him), University College London, @MichaelSulu

Alison Stokes (Alison, She/her), University of Plymouth

Alison Turner (Alison, She/her), University of Plymouth, @aphatbag

Jess Wade (Jess, she/her), Imperial College London, @jesswade

Caroline Ward (Caroline), Wellcome Trust, @noveltyshoe

Hannah Williams (she/her), Imperial College London, @hannah_physics

Heather Williams (Heather, Dr), The Christie/ScienceGrrl, @alrightPET

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